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Self-Warming Comfy Sleeper
Self-Warming Comfy Sleeper
As low as $39.99
Drs. Foster and Smith Cuddly Cup Cat Bed
Drs. Foster and Smith Cuddly Cup Cat Bed
As low as $23.99
Designer Faux-Suede Hooded Snuggler Cat Bed
Designer Faux-Suede Hooded Snuggler Cat Bed
As low as $39.99
Chill-thawing Tips for Comfy Cats
When it comes to cats, there are two things to keep in mind regarding their comfort. First of all, they are heat-seeking animals, found often in a sunny spot next to a heat vent, but seldom in the path of a cold draft. Second, they sleep most of the day away, racking up as many as 16 sleep hours daily.

Instinctive heat-seeking behavior is displayed at birth, when facial temperature receptors enable your cat to find her mother even before she can open her eyes. As she ages, those receptors become more sensitive, making supplemental heat sources very important to her comfort and well-being, especially in senior arthritic cats. As far as her excessive sleep habits, the benchmarks of a content cat are warmth, security, and a full stomach - all of which are powerful sleep triggers.

Where and how she sleeps, however, can make a big difference in her comfort and overall health. This is especially true during cooler weather. While you sleep under an extra blanket, make sure your cat also gets the warmth she needs with a heated bed, pad, or perch, located away from outside doors, drafts, or under-insulated areas of your home.

Low wattage heated beds or pads warm to approximately 102°F, the average body temperature of most cats, or raise the bed temperature just a few degrees above the ambient room temperature, making them extremely inviting.

You've got many options for keeping your cat warm and toasty. She'll appreciate it even more if you give her a few options. Here are a few of our favorites.

Cats that burrow into hampers or baskets for warmth will certainly appreciate Heated Cat Cup with its fleecy soft walls and 1" thick foam frame that cradles your cat in absolute comfort and luxury. It surrounds your cat with warmth and security like no other cat bed and will soon become your cat's favorite naptime spot. This is the perfect bed for cats of all ages, especially older cats that need firm, non-shifting orthopedic support underneath their sore joints. Heated Cat Cup
Kitty Sill gives your cat the elevated window view she seeks, combined with a snuggly fleece-covered foam bed. It's the ideal solution for comfort and warmth next to the window on a chilly day. Thermo Kitty Sill
For cats that love to go under blankets, Hide-a-Way Bed enables cats to literally crawl under the covers to keep body heat in. MiracleLoft® polyfil provides support underneath and fluffy fleece surrounds her as she crawls under the attached blanket. Hide-a-Way Bed
Ultra-soft Cozy Cushion® contains a special thermo-reflective material that conserves your cat's body heat and reflects it back, warming her without electricity. Its heavy-duty plush fabric is machine washable. Cozy Cushion
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