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Halloween Safety

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Halloween Safety 
Kittens as Christmas Gifts 
Holiday Safety Tips for Cats 
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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Cat

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for children and adults. However, for a household cat, it can be a stressful, frightening, and even dangerous holiday. Remember, your pet depends on you to protect him, so please take a few extra precautions to keep him safe during this Halloween season and note these safety-minded tips.

During this time of mischief and pranks, all too often cats become unwilling participants. Keep your outdoor-loving pets well supervised or safely contained in the yard. Better yet, keep them indoors - away from neighborhood hooligans at night.
Make sure your cat is wearing proper identification. If, for any reason, a pet does escape or become lost, you increase the chances that your pet will be returned to you if he is wearing a collar with an ID tag.
Do not allow curious cats and kittens to get into the Halloween candy. Candy and wrappers are potential choking hazards and chocolate can be toxic to cats.
Even the most social cats should be kept in a separate room during trick-or-treat visiting hours. You may even consider setting up a pet barrier in your entranceway to keep your cat from darting out between your legs when you open the door.
For especially nervous animals, the parade of costumed kids and endlessly chiming doorbells can get to be too much for comfort. There are a variety of calming products designed for storm- and travel-shy pets, which are also useful on Halloween.
Finally, decorations and Jack-O'-Lanterns are tempting for pets to get their noses into. Needless to say, it's too easy for them to get hurt if left unsupervised, whether it's in a tangle of crepe paper or a singed coat from an open flame. Curious kittens are particularly at risk of becoming burned. Always keep these Halloween favors out of your pet's reach!

Halloween can be a fun and festive time for the entire family. Following these simple rules can ensure you and your pets have a great start to the holiday season.

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