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Cat Toys to Encourage Natural Instincts

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Dental Health Chew Toys with Catnip
Dental Health Chew Toys with Catnip
As low as $3.99
SPOT Colorful Springs Toys
SPOT Colorful Springs Toys
As low as $1.99
Drs. Foster and Smith Lightweight Portable Cat Toy Chest
Drs. Foster and Smith Lightweight Portable Cat Toy Chest
As low as $19.99
Choosing Toys by Instinct
Cats love to chase. They love to bat, pounce, bite, scratch, and wrestle. Let's face it: they just love to play. Give your cat the intellectual and instinctual stimulation she desires and ignite your cat's senses with a toy that sparks her hunting instinct.

In the wild, cats are motivated by prey such as birds, rodents, bugs, squirrels, and chipmunks. Although our house cats are domesticated, they never really lose touch with their hunting instinct. For that reason, you may find them in the basement hunting down mice, spiders, or anything else that moves. By providing your cat with the same play options at home that she'd find in the wild, you can satisfy your cat's hunting instinct more safely.

Ultimate Scratching Post Da Bird"FLYING" TOYS
You've seen the way your cat sits by the window and longingly gazes at the birds outside. Now she can stalk them in the house with play toys designed to mimic the movement and look of a real bird. Da Bird gives your feline a feathered friend - watch him jump into the air trying to catch it.

The Fling-ama-String gives your cat a chance to catch something moving during an entertaining game of hide and seek. Just sit back and watch - let the toy do the work!

"Cat and Mouse" is an age-old game, and one that always keeps your cat interested. The popular Cheesewedge of Plush Mice gives your cat 48 fun prey to bat at - and are a bargain at 31 cents a piece.

Peek-A-Prize Toy BoxCheese WedgeSCRATCH AND HUNT
Hunting comes naturally for your cat. For a heavy, sturdy place to perch and hunt, we recommend the Ultimate Scratching Post. Not only does it save your furniture and satisfy your cat's desire to scratch, but you can put it next to a window so your cat can jump on top and stalk outside birds from a safe distance. The Peek-a-Prize Toy Box lets you stash a combination of toys and treats in the holes for a fun afternoon challenge.


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