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Drs. Foster and Smith Ultra-Soft Plush Slumber Ball for Cats
Drs. Foster and Smith Ultra-Soft Plush Slumber Ball for Cats
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Curl and Cuddle Cat Bed by All for Paws
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Drs. Foster and Smith SophisticCats Collection Cat Beds
As low as $24.99
Windows & Warmth oes your cat frequently lounge on the back of a sofa or chair to look out the window?

Few things give her joy like a view to the outside world or the feel of the sun's warm rays. Give her access to windows, elevated perching spots, and sources of warmth to satisfy her needs in a way that keeps her, and her hair, off your furniture.

The following items give your cat a safe, comfortable place to window watch or seek warmth - and keep your furniture looking like new...

Window Perches
Every window-loving cat needs a window perch. Window perches give cats their very own unobstructed view of the outdoors. Our Window Perch offers plush comfort and protects your walls; it requires no screws for assembly on double hung windows. Kitty Sill offers the comfort of orthopedic foam and luxurious fleece as kitty lounges at the window.

Stairs and Ramps
Pet stairs allow access to window perches, cat furniture, beds, and other elevated spots without the joint stress of long vertical leaps up and down. This is especially beneficial to senior cats, lame cats and even kittens that cannot yet jump very high. Our polystyrene Step Stairs give you lightweight, portable convenience; move it easily when cleaning house or when you need to use it in a different room. Carpeted Ramp is another economical way to give her a boost; many cat owners use it to connect multiple cat furniture units, too.

Heated Comfort
Help your cat stay warm, even when the sun's rays aren't streaming through a window. If she's got a favorite window sleep spot, add heated comfort to it with the Heated Cat Cup Bed. If she prefers to sleep on her cat tree or window perch, no problem. Add heated comfort with the Lectro Soft Heated Pad. These portable sources of heat can be used just about anywhere around your home, so when her favorite perching spot changes, you can move her heat source, too.

When you offer your cat a warm, comfortable place to window watch, you help keep her comfortable and happy. You also feel satisfied knowing you've managed to steer her away from your furniture.

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