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Silly Pet Tales - Harry the Hedgehog

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Word Fun - Fill in the Blanks
Only you can help Harry the Hedgehog tell his story about how he found his way home!
Insert the correct type of word (adjective, adverb, noun, verb, etc.) into each blank. Blanks are scattered throughout the story. Once you've placed a word in each blank, read the story aloud. Great fun either by yourself or with a family member or friend. If you've forgotten what adjectives, adverbs, etc. are, check out the quick review below.
It was a    (Adjective)   ,    (Adjective)   ,    (Adjective)    afternoon the day    (Person's Name)    brought his new pet hedgehog home from the    (Noun)   . Though the hedgehog was originally from    (Geographical Location)   , he had since been brought to    (Geographical Location)    by a man named    (Man's Name)   . The hedgehog had traveled from his original home to his new home on a    (Noun)   . The hedgehog had not known where he was going. But once the hedgehog saw the    (Adverb)   ,    (Adjective)   ,    (Noun)    the hedgehog knew he was in for a/an    (Adjective)       (Noun)   . Once    Person's Name, (same as line 4 above)    brought the hedgehog home, however, everything changed. First, the hedgehog found a    (Noun)    that he    (Adverb)       (Verb)   . Then, the hedgehog saw a    (Noun)    that he    (Adverb)       (Verb)   . Finally, the hedgehog found his way to the    (Geographical Location)   , where he proceeded to    (Adverb)       (Verb)    all of the    (Noun)   , because he hadn't    (Verb)    since    (Day of the Week)   . Finally, after all of the    (Verb, ending in ing)   , the hedgehog    (Verb)    into a    (Noun)   , which led him to the    (Geographical Location)   , where    (Women's Name)    was    (Verb)    to    (Verb)    her good friend    (Person's Name)   . The hedgehog got    (Verb, ending in ed)    and    (Verb)    himself into a    (Adjective)   ,    (Adjective)   ,    (Noun)   . He stayed like that until    (Day of the Week)   , when    (Person's Name)       (Verb)    the hedgehog to the    (Geographical Location)   , where other    (Plural Noun)    were    (Verb, ending in ing)   .

Grammar Review
Adjective - describes something or somebody. Elderly, small, hairy are adjectives, for example.
Adverb - tells how something is done. It modifies a verb and usually ends in the suffix (ly). Carefully, quietly, coolly are adverbs, for example.
Noun - a person, place, or thing. Brother, barber shop, rock are nouns, for example.
Verb - action word. Throw, swim, blink are verbs, for example.
Geographical Location - any place, proper or common. Bathroom, Wisconsin, America are geographical locations, for example.
Silly Word - any funny word. Oomph, Wow!, Yuck! Are silly words, for example.
Plural - means to pluralize a word. Hedgehog, for example, would be pluralized to hedgehogs.

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