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Outward Hound Back Seat Hammock Protector
Outward Hound Back Seat Hammock Protector
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Solvit Pet Booster Seats
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Sta-Put Hammocks
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Pet Carriers make it easy on you to transport your pet anywhere

Are pet carriers and pouches safe?
When used properly, pet carriers and pouches are safe for your pet. They offer fun, convenient alternatives to leashes or harnesses.
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Are pet carriers and pouches comfortable for my pet?
When used properly, pet carriers and pouches are extremely comfortable for your pet. Most models feature top openings so your pet can sit or stand comfortably, while some models offer side and end openings, which allow your pet to lie down. Mesh ventilation in many carriers offer help keep your pet cool; side pockets provide room for essential supplies; and wheels on some models offer a smooth, non-jarring ride.
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Are pet carriers and pouches appropriate for older and/or disabled pets?
Yes. In fact, if your pet is older and/or disabled, you can use a pet carrier or pouch to help keep him active, entertained, and safe as you take him out and about with you.
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Are pet carriers and pouches appropriate for larger pets?
Pet carriers and pouches are intended for use with smaller pets - typically those less than 25 pounds.
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Are your pet carriers airline approved?
Many of our Pet Carriers are approved as carry-on luggage by most airlines. However, all airlines have different rules and regulations. When making reservations, be sure to tell the airline that your pet will be traveling with you inside the cabin, and ask about their carry-on rules.
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Are there pet carriers that double as car/safety seats?
Some carriers double as a car seat and are easily belted into any automobile and are a good choice when you're looking for a safe way to transport your smaller pet in the car. Many designs also include storage compartments for food, water, and other essential pet supplies.
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How can I familiarize my pet with a carrier?
Leave the carrier open in a comfortable, familiar atmosphere. Place some treats and toys inside, allowing your pet to go in and out of the carrier when he wants to. Also, take a few short trips at first so your pet will become comfortable with being transported in the carrier.
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Are your carriers comfortable and easy to carry?
Our lightweight pet carriers are available in a variety of styles - pouch style, sling style, and tote style - all of which include one or more convenient, comfortable shoulder straps and/or easy-to-hold handles. You're sure to find a carrier that fits your style, preferences, and intended use.
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