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Fencing & Pasture Checklist Fencing & Pasture Checklist
The integrity of your fencing is essential for the safety, health, and well-being of your horse. We recommend you check your pasture and turnout fencing monthly. This way you can nip a problem - like structural weaknesses - in the bud and repair it immediately. Our convenient checklist will help ensure that you remember what you need to when you check your fence.

General Fence Checks
Gates swing freely Gate latches intact and working
Body of gates do not need repair Fence posts are solid
Fence post bases are intact Fencing secured to posts
Remove weeds along fence line

Wood Fencing
No splinters on boards to hurt horses or humans
No warped boards
No cracked boards
No unstable boards
  Electric Fencing
Connectors are tight
Fence tape is not stretched
No wires are frayed or sticking out
Energizer is working properly

Plastic or Polyurethane Fencing
Connectors are tight
Fencing not stretched
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