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Hoof Care Essentials Comparison

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Hoof Problem Identifier Chart 
Hoof Care in 6 Easy Steps 
Laminitis: Understanding Founder 
Hoof Care
EasyCare Easyboot Trail
EasyCare Easyboot Trail
As low as $55.25
Thrush Magic Paste
Thrush Magic Paste
As low as $7.99
Rain Maker Hoof Moisturizer and Conditioner by Farnam
Rain Maker Hoof Moisturizer and Conditioner by Farnam
As low as $21.99
Hoof Care Products Comparison Chart
Topical hoof care products can be helpful tools in keeping your horse's hooves healthy. Hoof topicals run the gamut from antibacterials to strengtheners to moisturizers to barriers from the elements. What your horse needs will depend on where he spends most of his time, whether he is in muddy soil, in dry sand, or on rough terrain. Current health is also a factor, whether the hooves are dry and brittle, crumbly, or if they just need some fortification.

Product Form Use Benefits Main Ingredient(s)
Hoof Dressing
by Corona
Cream Daily                  
Hooflex Liquid Conditioner
by Absorbine
Liquid Weekly        
by Straight Arrow
Cream Daily                      
Horseshoer's Secret Conditioner
by Farnam
Liquid Daily                    
Rain Maker Hoof Dressing
by Farnam
Liquid Weekly                
Tuff Stuff
by Mustad
Liquid Weekly                
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