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Fertilizing Plants

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Pond Plants: How to Get the Best Results! 
Create Natural Pondscapes 
Repotting Pond Plants 
Pond Plants
Tetra Pond AlgaeControl
Tetra Pond AlgaeControl
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Solar Oxygenator Kit
Solar Oxygenator Kit
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Laguna Planting Bags
Laguna Planting Bags
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Just like the fish in your pond, your pond plants need nutrients to thrive. Since a pond is a closed system, the nutrients plants normally get in a more open system (such as a lake or stream) may need to be supplemented.

Plants absorb essential nutrients, such as ammonium, nitrates, and phosphates, from your pond's water, helping clarification and overall health of the pond. Minerals that help plants absorb these nutrients include potassium, manganese, and copper.

Kahuna SoilTypes of fertilizers
Supplemental fertilizers that include these minerals come in different forms, depending on the media you use, the plants in your pond, or the maintenance you wish (or don't wish) to do.

You may find that the planting media you use, such as CaribSea Kahuna Soil or API Aquatic Planting Media, contain all the minerals your plants require, without need for supplementation.

Nycon Plant Feeder Potted plants, like lilies, can benefit from regular fertilization from tablets, such as special tablets made specifically for lilies, TetraPond LilyGro. An easy way to "dose" tablets is with the long-handled Nycon Plant Feeder. No need to enter your pond to fertilize – simply place tablet into end of feeder, plunge into plant's soil, and release the tablet.

Time-released fertilizer offers little or no maintenance. Try Laguna Fertilizer Spikes which only need to be placed once per year.

Whatever you use, it is always safest to make sure any additives you put into your pond do not contain excess levels of nitrates or phosphates.

Aquatic Planting Media
Aquatic Planting Media
Fertilizer Spikes
Fertilizer Spikes
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