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Product Highlight: Cyclop-Eeze

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Feeding Cyclop-eeze produces brilliant, vivid colors in marine and freshwater fish. From Arctic Waters to Aquariums Everywhere
Picture the following pristine setting: a large, arctic salt lake several hundred square miles in area with mostly undeveloped shoreline. The sun's rays penetrate its surface 300 days of the year, but because of its shallow depth and harsh arctic winters, it remains frozen to half its depth from late autumn to early spring.

In comparison to other salt lakes, this lake is inhospitable to life. It cannot support fish, reptiles, amphibians, waterfowl, or birds. However, it is the perfect eco-system for microorganisms, in particular our new selectively-bred, Cyclop-Eeze.

A Step Ahead of the Rest
Cyclop-Eeze contains the highest known levels of Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (HUFA's), especially those in the Omega-3 family. Its HUFA levels are typically 40 times higher than those obtained from even the highest-quality artemia eggs. Therefore, it can be used as a partial or even a complete artemia replacement.

Say What?
Cyclop-Eeze is a biologically cultured food made of microscopic crustaceans characterized by their intense blood-orange coloration. This bright coloration is the result of extremely high concentration of the carotenoid Astaxanthene. When eaten, this translates into permanent color enhancement in all of your fresh or saltwater inhabitants.
Because it is also rich in the attractant Betaine, most aquatic animals will greedily consume Cyclop-Eeze. Due to their small size and their immunestimulating properties (which greatly improve fry survival rates), it is perfect for invertebrates and fry.

To ensure freshness and maximum nutrient retention Cyclop-Eeze is treated with the biologically compatible antioxidant ethoxyquin in the production process, ensuring it arrives as fresh as the day it was harvested.

Cyclop-Eeze Freeze Dried
Cyclop-Eeze Freeze Dried
Frozen Cyclop-Eeze Bar
Frozen Cyclop-Eeze Bar
Cyclop-Eeze Wafers
Cyclop-Eeze Wafers
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