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The Always Essential Heated Birdbath

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Winter Birdbaths: Why They're Essential 
Birdbaths, Cleaning Made Easy 
Birdbaths Overview 
Songbird Essentials Mini Hanging Green Birdbath
Songbird Essentials Mini Hanging Green Birdbath
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Bird Bath Cleanse
Bird Bath Cleanse
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Stokes Drink 'N' Bathe Water Feeder
Stokes Drink 'N' Bathe Water Feeder
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Essential and Easy to Provide
Despite its abundance of ice, sleet, and snow, winter does not afford birds plentiful access to water. As the temperature plummets, open water quickly becomes scarce. A heated birdbath offers an easy, effective solution to help feathered friends stay hydrated during the cold months. Area birds will be quick to reward your care and diligence with increasingly frequent visits.

Water-Warming Solutions
Backyard birds must have water to drink and bathe in year round. You can easily provide open water in cold weather when you add a heater to your existing birdbath or when you place a heated birdbath in your yard or on your deck.

Thermostatically controlled heaters, such as the Birdbath De-Icer, sit discretely in any birdbath and operate automatically. They turn on only when necessary, and store away easily when warm weather returns.

A variety of birdbaths with built-in heating elements fit any yard and preference. Many also mount on a deck rail for closer viewing (and faster refilling). Choose the artful scalloped-edge Decorative Heated Birdbath, the elegant Heated Birdbath with Pedestal, durable resin Water Rippling Birdbath or easy-clean deck-mounted Heated EZ-Tilt-To-Clean Birdbath.

To make open water even more enticing, add a flat rock to the basin edge for walk-in access regardless of the water level. And remember to change water frequently to ensure that birds receive the freshest, healthiest water possible.

Keep Your Birdbath Fresh and Clean


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