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Ferret FAQs: Behavior & Training

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Ferret Fun Facts 
Ferret Facts 
Ferret FAQs: Health & Healthcare 
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Behavior & Training FAQs
One of the most important parts of ferret ownership is training and socializing your ferret. Proper training methods are the best tool you have at your disposal to teach them to interact with humans and each other. The questions answered below will help you to successfully train your ferret as well as interpret some of the funny behavioral traits that ferrets display. Hissing >

Litter Box Training >

Why is my ferret hissing?

Hissing means different things to different ferrets. In many cases, it's the ferret's way of saying "back off!" It's a natural signal that he or she is annoyed or mad. But there are other ferrets who like to hiss all the time - during play, as their way of talking, and at other times. What your ferret is trying to tell you when she hisses depends on what you're doing at the time and the other body language the ferret is giving you.
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Why is my ferret digging in the litter box and how can I stop it?

Ferrets are natural diggers, so the first thing you will want to do is give him another outlet for his digging so your ferret doesn't get frustrated. Dig boxes give your ferret a place to dig that isn't your couch, your carpet, or his litter box.

Next, you want your ferret to realize that the litter box is a toilet. Even after you scoop it, always put two feces back into the litter box and a few pieces of urine soaked litter. This will make the litter box smell like a litter box.

You can also try switching litters. You may find that your ferret is less likely to dig in a different type.
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