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The Benefits of Canned Cat Food vs. Dry Cat Food

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Tomlyn Nutri-Stat
Tomlyn Nutri-Stat
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CatSure Liquid Food Supplement
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Drs. Foster and Smith Signature Series Adult Cat Food
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Canned Food or Dry... Which is Best for Your Kitty?

IS YOUR CAT A FLAVOR CONNOISSEUR? Or does she prefer tidbits of crunchy texture? Thankfully, today's cat is privy to a nutritious smorgasbord of foods in both flavor and form. But is there a difference between canned and dry cat foods?

Drs. Foster & Smith Country Classic Dinners Canned food benefits
Research indicates premium canned foods are an excellent nutritional choice for your cat. In fact, our Country Classic Dinners® are packed with mouthwatering morsels of real meat - the most natural, useable form of protein. The greatest canned food advantage, however, is its high moisture content. Water is vital to your cat's health. Since wild prey contains as much as 75% water, cats have evolved to acquire much of their water needs from food.

Drs. Foster & Smith Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Cat Food Dry food benefits
Premium dry diets, such as our Chicken & Brown Rice Formulas are rich in metabolizable energy. This means your cat needs to consume less dry food to meet her daily energy needs. As such, dry foods are economical and convenient to serve and store. Plus, they are less likely to spoil when left out in your cat's bowl for her to munch on periodically throughout the day.

The Drs. Foster and Smith difference
Your cat's lifestyle, health status, and preferences should ultimately dictate the type of food you offer. Regardless of your choice, however, you can serve any of our Drs. Foster and Smith brand foods in confidence. Each meets or exceeds AAFCO standards and is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives for a complete and balanced meal no cat can resist.

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