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Compact Water Features Overview

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Building a Pond: Step-by-Step Guide 
Adding a Pond Waterfall 
Planning and Budgeting Your Pond 
Pond Construction & Enhancement
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Pond Thermometer
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Drs. Foster and Smith Koi Kitchen
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Pond Liner Underlayment
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Are you considering a beautiful water feature for your home but don't think you have the time, space, or budget? Think again. Don't limit yourself to conventional notions of water gardens or water features.

Remember, a water feature does not have to be large or complicated. A small, well-thought out water feature imparts the same calming benefits as larger ones. The following is a brief overview of compact and convenient water features that you may want to consider for smaller spaces.

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Patio Fountains
These water features are the perfect blend of beautiful décor and therapeutic retreat. Available in a variety of styles, these versatile fountains can be used indoors or out to instantly revitalize living areas with the tranquil energy of moving water and soothing sounds. These water features are extremely easy to install for instant enjoyment.

Pond-less Waterfalls
Unique and awe-inspiring, these amazing water features are perfect for the dedicated do-it-yourselfer. Enjoy the rugged beauty of a meandering stream or cascading waterfall without having to take care of a pond. The key to "pond-less" waterfalls and "disappearing" water features is the pump vault. A pump vault is a large, slotted vessel that protects and conceals the re-circulating pump. The underground reservoir housing the pump vault is then filled with water and decorative stones. The effect is water that appears to spring forth from and disappear into the landscape. It is the perfect project to invigorate a dull corner of your back or front yard.

Thanks to a wide variety of timesaving and budget friendly container water garden kits, patio fountains, and pond-less waterfall kits, creating a compact water feature is easier than ever.

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