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De-Stress Your Pet During the Holidays

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
De-stress your pet during the holidays. Our households are teeming with activity around the holidays. Adjusted schedules interrupt your pet's normal feeding, sleep, and play times. The coming and going of relatives and friends can cause our pets to go into hiding. And, if holiday parties or travel keep you away from home more than usual, your pet may even show signs of separation anxiety.

Holiday stress relievers
Help keep your pet's stress level to a minimum during the holidays, thereby reducing inappropriate behavior.

  • Maintain feeding and hygiene routines and do not make big changes in your pet's diet during the holidays.

    Signs of STRESS include:
    • Eating less or not at all
    • An inclination to stay in hiding
    • Inappropriate chewing, barking, biting, or elimination
  • Limit your pet's exposure to guests and activity. This may mean relocating his cage, but this change is likely to be less stressful than exposure to a roomful of guests and interrupted sleep.

  • Spend quality time with your pet each day. This important regimen provides reassurance to your pet and gives you time to watch your pet closely for signs of stress.

  • Discourage guests from bringing their own dog or other pets into your home. If they must, keep them separated and do not relax your vigilance.


Ultra-Calm® Treats
No table scraps.
Offer Ultra-Calm® Bites,
with soothing chamomile.
Comfort Zone® Plug-In
Comfort Zone Plug-In
diffuses dog-appeasing
pheromones into the room,
creating an atmosphere
of well-being.


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