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How to Propagate Coral Frags at Home 
Drs. Foster and Smith Aquaculture Coral Facility 
Protecting Coral Reefs 
Coral Conservation
Walt Smith International REEFROCK 2.1 Mini-Nano Series Fiji Handcrafted Aquarium Rock
Walt Smith International REEFROCK 2.1 Mini-Nano Series Fiji Handcrafted Aquarium Rock
As low as $63.69
Walt Smith International REEFROCK 2.1 Nano Series Fiji Handcrafted Aquarium Rock
Walt Smith International REEFROCK 2.1 Nano Series Fiji Handcrafted Aquarium Rock
As low as $127.38
Reef Snow
Reef Snow
As low as $14.10
What is a coral farm?
A coral farm is an aquaculture facility designed to propagate - or grow - live coral, providing a self-sustaining source of corals. Aquaculture is the cultivation of aquatic organisms. Aquacultured species include a wide range of popular ornamental species, like corals, and are a viable alternative to wild harvested species.

Our Aquaculture Coral Facility offers hobbyists one of the largest selections of premium aquacultured aquatic life as a viable alternative to wild harvested species. Reef hobbyists, fascinated by the elegant beauty of coral reefs, are able to pursue their passion for a thriving environment in their home aquarium while preserving those found in nature.
"As home reef aquariums increase in popularity, we feel it's our social responsibility to do what we can to help reduce the pressure on the world’s coral reefs. Every coral fragment we can grow in our own facility is one less taken from a natural reef. By providing an environmentally friendly alternative, we're trying to do our part to meet the growing demand for corals, while minimizing the impact the hobby has on our precious coral reefs."

Dr. Race Foster

For more discussion on aquacultured corals, visit

  Trust the Industry Leader
The Drs. Foster & Smith Aquaculture Coral Facility is one of only a handful of similar coral propagating facilities in the nation. We have taken our extensive knowledge and experience and applied it to our Aquaculture Coral Facility in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. The 10,000-gallon facility employs the most sophisticated technology in lighting, filtration, water movement, and quarantine systems to ensure the hardiest, disease-free coral selection for home aquariums.

Browse our Amazing Selection
Prime coral specimens were hand-selected from hundreds of species and color morphs to establish a parent coral stock consisting of the fastest growing and most vibrant generations of corals. Along with our Drs. Foster & Smith brand coral frags, you can find a wide variety of aquacultured corals from other coral farms in the U.S. and maricultured corals from overseas.

A Smooth Transition to your Home Aquarium
Specimens already acclimated to aquarium conditions mean a smooth transition to your home aquarium and vibrant coral colorations true to captive environments. All specimens in our state-of-the-art facility are quarantined and held for observation until fully adjusted to both artificial lighting and artificial seawater. Our prolonged quarantine period also greatly reduces the possibility of spreading common marine parasites currently plaguing home-operated coral frag traders.

Efficient Distribution Methods
Modern technological advancements and our efficient packing procedures, combined with our centralized location, dramatically reduce shipping time. Our customers receive coral fragments demonstrating faster acclimation, quicker growth, and better overall health, taking the aquarium hobby to new frontiers. With the availability of overnight air service and reliable shipping, having healthy aquatic life delivered direct to your door is easier than ever.

  Commitment to Education
What makes the Drs. Foster & Smith Aquaculture Coral Facility exceptional is not only the scale and sophistication of the facility, but our commitment to education and the advancement of the hobby. As a veterinarian operated facility with a fully licensed pharmacy, we have unique insight and access to resources unavailable to most hobbyists, as well as the commercial sector. Our entire staff of veterinarians, pharmacists, microbiologists, aquatic experts, and technicians work together to provide the healthiest corals to our customers.

Many reef aquarium enthusiasts recognize the need for an alternative to wild-caught species as the demand for ornamental marine species progressively increases and the health of our natural reefs declines. Our Aquaculture Coral Facility is a reflection of our dedication to preserve and pass down the legacy and beauty of the oceans and their inhabitants.

No other aquaculture facility has invested as much to unite and develop a greater sense of community for the common goal of protecting our natural reefs, while educating and offering hobbyists a sensible alternative. We are so confident of our hardy aquacultured corals, we back each Certified Captive Grown Coral Frag with a Certificate of Authenticity and an industry leading 30-day guarantee exclusive to only our Drs. Foster & Smith brand coral frags. For a full selection of Aquacultured Corals, visit

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