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Drs. Foster & Smith Cat Foods:
Better Health... One Meal At a Time

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Tomlyn Nutri-Stat
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Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Special 33 Cat Food
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Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Food
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Drs. Foster & Smith Cat Food: Better Health... One Meal at a Time Drs. Foster & Smith Cat Food: Better Health... One Meal at a Time
When you're shopping for a healthy cat food, the ingredient list on the back of the bag is a good place to start.

What Sets OUR Cat Food Apart From - and Above - the Rest
Highly digestible, real meat offers the superior protein cats need.
Vitamin-rich vegetables and antioxidant-packed whole fruits provide nutrients essential to your cat's good health.
Essential quality fatty acids, wholesome grains, and taurine for optimum skin, hair, and healthy cell growth.
No artificial preservatives, ingredients, colors, or by-products.
Healthy ingredients, whether in snacks, supplements, or diets, promote healthy, vibrant cats. Though many owners look to their local grocery store for the dietary needs of their cats, many of the selections found there do not meet the nutritional needs of cats.

Drs. Foster & Smith healthy cat foods are formulated to provide optimum nutrition and health benefits for cats. Since cats need more protein in their diet than dogs, we use real meat as the primary protein source and first ingredient in every formula. Other brands, that list a grain or even a meat by-product as the first ingredient, are not providing the high quality, real-meat protein cats need.

Ours are also formulated with whole fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains like brown rice and barley. Plus, we fortify our cat foods with additional vitamins and minerals to ensure complete nutrition. We also use the best natural sources of essential fatty acids, such as whole ground flaxseed, to help build healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

Perhaps you're among the growing number of pet owners looking for a pet food based upon what it doesn't contain. You'll be pleased to hear our healthy cat foods don't have any artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or by-products. Because our foods contain only high-quality ingredients - and no cheap fillers - you may have to pay a little more for them. But since healthy foods are also more nutrient dense than cheaper brands, you can feed less, thereby recouping the cost difference.

Palatability is another important factor to consider when choosing a cat food. It doesn't matter how healthy a cat food is if your cat won't eat it. Cats - even the most finicky felines - find our healthy dry and canned cat foods to be irresistibly delicious.

Give your cat the gift of increased energy and healthier skin and coat. Only premium nutrition provides these results. Try Drs. Foster & Smith Signature Series® cat foods, and see for yourself.

Customer Testimonials
I recently purchased Drs. Foster & Smith brand cat food because my cat was vomiting after eating his usual dry food. I thought he was having digestive problems, and after doing a bit of research on the subject, I looked into the nutritional analysis of pet foods in the articles section of this website. Two weeks later, he's completely transitioned from his old food and he has had no more stomach upsets. I'm quite impressed with the quality of the brand - my cat would only eat better if I made his meals myself.
Mrs. B.
Sierra Vista, AZ
My cats are wild about this food. When it's time for dinner, all I have to do is rattle the bag. Mitzi, Simba, China, and Hef come barreling into the kitchen from wherever they've been hiding. Since feeding them your food, they seem to have energy to spare and their coats are just beautiful. Thanks for creating an affordable food my cats just can't resist.
Monica S.
Elcho, WI
My three indoor, ex-feral cats are pretty suspicious of new things. When something is advertised as "specially formulated to be irresistible to cats," previous experience has shown that they won't eat it. When offered a bowl of Drs. Foster & Smith (lite cat food) they actually chose to eat it - not just a taste, but a nice snack.

My cats have three very different outlooks, so I was surprised by their uniform preference and the fact that they just started eating... I'm hoping for weight loss and increased activity in two out of my three cats, and I will be ordering more Foster & Smith lite cat food... It is nice to see that a very healthy "diet" food is pleasant for them to eat.

Judith S.
Baton Rouge, LA
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