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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Close expanded article descriptions
Flea & Tick Collar FAQs
Flea killers and flea repellants are effective control measures. Drs. Foster & Smith offers information on a variety of flea killers and repellents.
Flea & Tick Control FAQs
Dog fleas and cat fleas are common problems for pet owners. Drs. Foster & Smith offer advice on controlling fleas on both dogs and cats.
Flea/Tick Shampoo & Spray FAQs
Puppy flea control is easy with this information from Drs. Foster & Smith, which offers information on safe flea products for pregnant dogs and for puppy flea control.
Topical and Oral Flea & Tick Control: General FAQs
Flea treatments include a variety of measures to get rid of fleas. This article from Drs. Foster & Smith offers a variety of cat and dog flea and tick treatments for pet owners.

PRODUCT COMPARISONS Close expanded article descriptions
Dog Flea & Tick Control Comparison Chart
Pet flea control articles from Drs. Foster & Smith include a detailed pet flea and tick control comparison chart of popular remedies.
Flea & Tick Control Overview
Flea prevention articles from Drs. Foster & Smith include flea and tick prevention and protection advice for you and your pet, including product comparison.
Flea & Tick Control Product Compatibility Overview
Flea product comparisons from Drs. Foster & Smith include a cat and dog flea control product compatibility chart to help you chose the right products for your pet.
Flea/Tick Topical & Oral Buyer's Guide
Flea medicine comparisons from Drs. Foster & Smith looks at a variety of cat and dog flea medicines available to pet owners.

GENERAL INFORMATION Close expanded article descriptions
Flea & Tick Active Ingredients
Flea medication for pets includes the use of pyrethrins, pyrethroids, Fipronil and other pet flea medications. Choose the one right for you with information from Drs. Foster & Smith.
Flea Control and Prevention
Flea problems can affect any pet owner. For flea removal tips and information on treating fleas, read the Drs. Foster & Smith articles on overcoming flea problems.
How to Remove a Tick
Want to know how to remove a tick from your pet? Use these six simple steps.
Lyme Disease: An Akita's Story
An interesting story straight from our customers about an Akita that acquired Lyme disease including symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and outcome.
Product Feature: bioSpot
Curious about bioSpot for cats? This guide details how bioSpot works.
Should You Use a Prescription Flea and Tick Preventive?
Prescription flea and tick preventives are relatively new on the market and many pet parents are considering them, but why would a veterinarian prescribe these and could your pet benefit from them?
Stories From Our Clinic: The Rottweilier with a Swollen Leg
Tick Disease: Anaplasmosis - Cases from our clinic at Drs. Foster and Smith
The Important Difference Between Dog & Cat Flea Products
Do you know the difference between dog and cat flea products? Our experts weigh in on the differences.
Tick-Borne Disease
Whether your dog accompanies the family hunting, or just hunts down backyard creatures, he will more than likely be exposed to ticks.
Veterinary Advice About Flea Control
Dr Marty Smith shares his knowledge and experiences as a veterinarian in this dialogue about fleas and how they affect pets. Answers to frequently asked questions are included as well as suggestions straight from the veterinarian.
West Nile Virus
The West Nile virus in dogs is a dangerous condition. This article answers the most commonly-asked questions about this tick-borne disease.

HEALTHCARE CHECKLISTS Open expanded article descriptions
Blastomycosis Checklist
Flea Allergy Dermatitis Checklist


Flea Allergy Dermatitis Checklist
Should You Use a Prescription Flea and Tick Preventive?
Tick-Borne Disease

Should You Use a Prescription Flea and Tick Preventive?
Stories From Our Clinic: The Rottweilier with a Swollen Leg
Flea & Tick - Dogs
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