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Bat Mythbusters
A single bat can eat as many as 1,200 mosquitoes in a single hour!
Bats, the Benefit of
Contrary to popular belief, bats are actually friendly, useful creatures. Learn how they help control mosquito population!
Bird Identification Tips
Bird watching is a common, enjoyable hobby, but some birds are difficult to identify. Here are a few bird watching tips to help you sharpen your bird identification skills.
Birdscaping to Attract birds
Learn unique ways to deliver the big three: food, shelter, and water - and also transform your yard into a bird haven
Create a Harmonious Backyard Garden
From city apartment to sprawling country home, there are ways to blend the beauty of nature with the works of man to create tranquil outdoor spaces that take you away from it all. Learn how to create a harmonious backyard garden.
Earth-friendly Products for Backyard Birding
Learn some of the ways Drs. Foster & Smith is providing for your birdwatching necessities using environmentally-friendly methods.
Enhance Your Backyard Garden Pond with Butterflies
Butterfly watching, for many, is a favorite outdoor pleasure, ranked right alongside watching birds and identifying wildflowers. Learn how to enhance your backyard garden or pond with butterflies.
Fall Backyard Cleanup Tips
Before working on fall chores around your yard, consider the needs of your wild neighbors. By slightly altering your autumn routine, you can create a backyard haven rich with natural food and shelter.
Garden Hangers & Shepherds Hooks: Ways to Use
Using garden hangers to bring beauty to your backyard!
National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Habitat Program
Learn how you can take part in the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certification program through the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).
Photographing Wild Birds: Tips
Take inventory of the beautiful spaces in your backyard and set out feeders and water. Birds will often perch before they feed. So these perching spots are a great place to catch a photo.
Spring Backyard Cleanup Tips Keep Birds Safe
Keep wild bird safety in mind this year during spring clean-up!
The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Bird Products
With all the benefits wild birds bring, we must take steps to ensure that their environment remains healthy and livable for generations to come.

Beautiful Backyards: Most Searched
Bats, the Benefit of
Bird Identification Tips
Create a Harmonious Backyard Garden
Beautiful Backyards: New Article
Bat Mythbusters
The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Bird Products

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Beautiful Backyards
Green Solutions Deck Tray Feeder
Green Solutions Deck Tray Feeder
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Cardinal No/No Feeder w/Free Book
Cardinal No/No Feeder w/Free Book
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Lunch Pail Sweetheart Hummingbird Feeder
Lunch Pail Sweetheart Hummingbird Feeder
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