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Cage Accessory Guide for Small Pets
Chew Toy Buyer's Guide: Rodents & Rabbits
Small Pet Guide: How to Choose the Healthiest
Small Pet Selection Guide: Which One for Me?
Treats for Small Pets: Buyer's Guide

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Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month: March
There are many advantages to adopting a rescued guinea pig from a humane society, animal shelter, or rescue group.
Behavior & Socialization of Guinea Pigs
Learn about introducing guinea pigs to each other, companionship, routine behavior, signs of stress, toys and exercise.
Cage Cleaning Schedule for Small Pets
A clean, dry, hospitable home is paramount to your small pet's health. Be sure your fuzzy friend has a spacious, secure, ventilated, chew-proof home containing the basics.
Cage Cleaning Tips for Small Pets
Most animals are fanatic about the cleanliness and organization of their surroundings.
Choose a Guinea Pig Cage Best for your Small Pet
A cage is one of the most important aspects of guinea pig health. Here's what to look for when buying a cage. Learn More >
Coprophagy: Why Guinea Pigs Eat Droppings
Believe it or not, there is a good reason for this unappetizing behavior. Your pet is merely completing a special, natural digestive process that allows him to maximize the nutrition he receives from his food.
Dental Care In-Depth: All Small Pets
The dental health of your small pet is much more important than many people realize.
Dental Health Month for Small Pets: February
As part of National Pet Dental Health Month, the "Pets Need Dental Care, TooTM" program will challenge veterinarians and their clients to schedule regular dental appointments for their pets and establish a home dental care routine.
Drs. Foster & Smith
Signature Series® Premium Small Pet Foods

When your pet's health matters most, serve the veterinarian-formulated food from the name you trust the most! Drs. Foster & Smith Signature Series Premium Small Pet Foods for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, rats & mice.
Exercise Tips by Small Pet Species
Exercising your small pet is easy and much more advanced than an old, squeaky wheel.
Eye Health: 10 Tips for Small Pets
To best maintain your small pet's eye health, look daily for these tell-tale signs of unhealthy eyes:
First Aid Kits for Small Pets: What to Include
Since you never know when an accident will happen, keeping a pet emergency kit at your home is a good idea.
Guinea Pig
Profile: Learn more about the feeding habits, housing needs, diseases, and behavior of the giunea pig.
Guinea Pig Facts
Guinea Pig Fun Facts
Guinea pigs love being petted and will fall asleep in your lap if they trust you.
Guinea Pig Profile: In-Depth
Guinea pigs are not pigs at all, but loveable little rodents. Guinea pigs came to North America from South America. Today they are prized as gentle family pets, with thirteen recognized breeds.
Guinea Pig Reproduction
The timing of the first litter for the female is critical in breeding guinea pigs. While males can be used for breeding purposes any time after they are three or four months old, female guinea pigs should be bred the first time between four and seven
Guinea Pigs: Breeds and Colors
There are thirteen breeds of guinea pigs recognized by the American Cavy Breeders Association.
Hay is for Small Pets
All about hay and why some small pets need it, including different types of hay such as timothy, oat, and alfalfa.
Hideaways for Small Pets, the Importance of
Whether your small pet prefers burrowing deep into bedding, holing up inside a hutch, or taking cover in a large toy, he hides for security and solace.
New Small Pet? How to Get Ready
To help you get off to a good start, here are some recommendations on what to do before you pick up your new pet, and care tips for the first month home.
Nutrition for Guineas: Diet Recommendations
Guinea pigs have a biological make up that creates special nutritional needs for them.
Nutrition for Small Pets: Timothy Hay is Essential
Dried from a natural, perennial grass, Timothy Hay is inexpensive and healthy. It aids digestion and helps wear down the constantly growing teeth of rabbits and true herbivores, such as chinchillas and guinea pigs.
Nutrition in Guineas: Why Vitamin C is Essential
Guinea pigs share a unique quality with human beings: the inability to synthesize (create) Vitamin C for their bodies. Because this is true, as in human beings, Vitamin C must be supplied to guinea pigs through food or supplement intake.
Nutrition Requirements for Small Pets by Species
You have to carefully choose what you feed your small pet each day, just like how you have to be careful to eat a balanced diet yourself. Here we talk about what food rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small pets need to eat every day.
Odor Control Tips for Rabbits & Rodents
In captivity, animals need help to maintain a hygienic, healthy environment. The leading cause of odor is the buildup of urine and fecal matter in the cage.
Offer your small pet chew toys
Insert healthy treats into toys and let small pets work for treats as they forage.
Oxbow Fortified Foods & Focused Supplements
Formulated with novel ingredients and premium herbs, Oxbow's Natural Science products promote overall wellness and support various body systems. Unique ingredients offer variety while still maintaining proper nutrition.
Sexing Your Small Pet
Correctly sexing small pets is more important than you know. If small pets are incorrectly sexed, you could end up with a surprise pregnancy. While this may sound somewhat fun, the truth is that you would then need to determine what to do with them.
Small Pet Emergencies: When to Call Your Vet
Small pets, with their evolutionary history of being prey animals, will often mask signs of illness. By the time you notice something is wrong, the condition could be very severe.
Small Pet Nutrition: All About Herbivores
Simple infographic describes which small pets are plant-eaters and what they eat. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas are herbivores.
Stimulate Your Small Pet, How to
Exercise is important for your small pet's overall health. Here are some fun exercise ideas. Learn more >
Tips for feeding hay
Tips for feeding hay to your small herbivores and answer her need for this necessary fiber.
Travel Tips for Small Pets
Whether by foot or by car, traveling with your small pet can be fun, safe, and easy if you pack smart. The selection of small pet carriers and pouches grows every year, making travel with your small pet more comfortable than ever.
Vitamin C Product Guide
Ensuring that your guinea pig receives the proper amount of Vitamin C starts with a nutritionally complete pellet diet with added Vitamin C.
What your small pet eats every day is important
A balanced diet is necessary to allow any small pet to live a full and healthy life. Each small pet, whether herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore, needs specific textures and nutrients.

Cardiovascular System: The Heart and Vessels
Cecotropes and Coprophagy
Dental & Oral Disease
Dental Anatomy & Care in Rabbits & Rodents
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Enterotoxemia (Antibiotic-associated Enteritis
Evacuation Kit for Small Mammals
Eye Anatomy and Function
Germs: Viruses, Bacteria, and Funji
Guinea Pigs: Breeds and Colors
Guinea Pigs: Skin Parasites That Cause Scratching
Housing for Guinea Pigs
Lymphatic System
Mercury Exposure: Health Concerns, Clean-up, and Disposal
Normal Values & Characteristics of Small Animals
Nutrition & Feeding for Guinea Pigs
Pododermatitis: Sore Feet and Hocks
Ringworm in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
Telltale Tails
Tyzzer's Disease
Urinary System in Mammals: Anatomy and Function
When a Cup is Not a Cup
Top 3 Requested Guinea Pig Articles
Guinea Pigs: Breeds and Colors
Nutrition Requirements for Small Pets by Species
Choose a Guinea Pig Cage Best for your Small Pet
New Articles About Guinea Pigs
Small Pet Nutrition: All About Herbivores
Tips for feeding hay

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