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Bird Toy Selection Guide: Size by Species
Choosing a variety of styles within the range recommended for your bird is important, too, so he can experience visual and textural variety.

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Beat Boredom: From Lethargic to Lively
Birds are intelligent creatures and can easily become bored when their routine or scenery does not change, or if they are not being stimulated mentally or physically. The best thing you can do is to make uplifting changes in your bird's routine.
Benefits of Treat Toys for Birds
Large caged birds who aren't intellectually stimulated regularly are more prone to stressful behaviors like feather picking, screaming, and biting.
Bird Behavior, Encourage Activity and Exercise
Got a perch potato? Keep your pet bird active and healthy with these simple, inexpensive, tips to encourage avian exercise.
Bird Toys Built to Entertain and Strengthen Bonds
Why build your own toys for your birds? Discover the fantastic benefits of build-your-own (byo) bird toys for you and your cage bird.
Educate and Invigorate Your Bird with Toys
Toys for caged birds are essential for mental and physical stimulation. Learn why rotating your cage bird toys can benefit the health and happiness of your bird.
Food for Thought: Foraging Toys Teach and Tantalize
To keep your bird on the path to learning, you must provide her with intellectual stimulation and intelligent play that exercises her body and mind.
Foraging Makes Food Fun For Birds
Foraging is an essential part of natural bird behavior necessary to keep birds physically and mentally active.
Foraging: Why This Natural Behavior Is So Vital
Foraging doesn’t just fill your bird's belly, it occupies her mind. It gives her the kind of mental challenge she is not only intellectually suited for, but absolutely requires for good mental health.
How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Bird
Toys provide exercise, mental stimulation, and relief from boredom, a variety of toys that offer different colors, sounds, and textures.
How to Keep Bird Toys & Accessories Clean
Even in the cleanest cage, unclean toys and accessories increase the likelihood of transmitting harmful bacteria and disease. We recommend you clean toys and accessories weekly, right along with your cage-cleaning regimen.
Lengthen the Life of Bird Toys
Your bird needs toys that hold up to prolonged chewing and inquisitive exploration, for the sake of her well-being, and also for the sake of your pocketbook.
Play: Vital to Bird Health & Wellness
Without opportunities to play, your bird can suffer severe behavioral and emotional problems; here's how to avoid challenges
Refresh Old Toys With New Components
Bird caretakers enjoy the fact that they can economically create a unique toy with components their birds especially like, bringing happiness into their homes.
Satisfy Your Bird's Different Needs With Different Toys
Birds are extremely intelligent animals, requiring a regular source of mental and physical stimulation like bird toys and cage accessories.
Toys...More Than Just Playthings
Though bird toys are often regarded as accessories, toys play a crucial role in the physical and mental well-being of your pet bird by preventing negative behavior caused by boredom and lack of stimulation.
Treasure hunt: keep your bird's active mind occupied with foraging
Lack of foraging activity can affect your bird's physical and emotional well-being, causing boredom, behavioral problems (such as feather picking), and a lack of natural curiosity.
Viva Variety
Toys are essential to ongoing mental and physical health; they keep your bird busy and happy - especially when you're not at home. Learn more >
When You Select Safe, Appropriate Toys, You Can Relax
Toys play an integral role in the physical and mental well-being of your pet bird.
Why Your Bird Deserves Intellectual Stimulation
Research continues to prove what most bird owners already know – birds are smart companions. Don't miss an opportunity to open new doors for your pet by keeping him intellectually stimulated and involved in your life.

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Factors Influencing Bad Bird Behavior
Foraging Toys for Birds

How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Bird
Bird Behavior, Encourage Activity and Exercise
How to Keep Bird Toys & Accessories Clean

Treasure hunt: keep your bird's active mind occupied with foraging
Refresh Old Toys With New Components

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