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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Close expanded article descriptions
Basic Aquarium Lighting FAQs
In its most basic role, aquarium lighting allows hobbyists to observe aquarium inhabitants. But more importantly, proper aquarium lighting provides vital energy to photosynthetic plants and animals.
Compact Fluorescent Lighting FAQs
Aquarium lighting options are so vast, they can make anyones head spin. This article discusses basic questions about compact fluorescent lighting.
FAQs Regarding Aquarium Lighting
The world of aquarium lighting can be confusing. These answers to frequently asked questions help you select the right light for your aquarium.
FAQs: Compact Fluorescent Retrofit Kits
Compact fluorescent retrofit kits are an assembly of fundamental working parts of a compact fluorescent light fixture. This article discusses basic questions about compact fluorescent lighting retrofit kits.
FAQs: Metal Halide Lighting
Metal halide systems are high intensity discharge lighting systems popular among many reef aquarium hobbyists. This article answers basic questions on metal halide lighting.
FAQs: Standard Fluorescent & VHO Fluorescent Lighting
Fluorescent lighting is suitable for most beginner's aquariums as well as fish only aquariums. Inexpensive when compared to high end reef lighting, fluorescent light comes in many spetrums and intensities. This article answers your basic questions.

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GENERAL INFORMATION Close expanded article descriptions
Advanced Aquarium Monitoring and Control
Make aquarium-keeping easier than ever with high tech aquarium devices that automate more devices and functions. Explore which advanced aquarium monitoring and control devices integrate best with your aquarium lifestyle.
An Illuminating Addition to Drs. Foster & Smith's Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life Facility
Our Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility has put a variety of LED light fixtures to the test. Not only have the LED fixtures proven to be extremely cost-effective, they've also proved intense enough to allow a variety of corals to flourish.
Brief History of Aquarium Lighting
Discover the history of aquarium lights to help decide which type of light best serves your aquarium's needs.
Compact Fluorescent Lighting, How to Upgrade
To successfully keep aquatic plants or photosynthetic animals, it is often necessary to upgrade to a fixture that offers higher light output and a particular color temperature. Compact fluorescent light fixtures are a smart choice when upgrading from
Critical Aquarium Lighting Considerations
To maintain a healthy environment for your aquatic life, your goal must be to simulate the environment and conditions your aquatic life experiences in the wild. Lighting is one of the critical conditions you need to replicate.
Do's & Don'ts with LED Aquarium Lights
LED aquarium lighting is a popular, energy-efficient alternative to status quo aquarium light fixtures. Check out this simple yet informative list of do's and don'ts for using LEDs and get the most out of your LED lights.
Factors that Affect Light Output
Common aquarium factors conspire to compromise light output. Learn how to get best performance out of your light fixtures by understanding factors that affect light output.
How to Properly Illuminate Your Aquarium
Technical advances in aquarium lighting have dramatically increased the selection of light fixtures and bulbs available for aquarium hobbyists. Due to this sheer volume, selecting the appropriate bulb and fixture can be confusing and intimidating.
Illuminate Your Aquarium's Night Life
Many aquatic species come alive at night. In the wild, moonlight triggers an array of biological activities. Whether you've got a freshwater, marine fish-only-with-live-rock, or reef aquarium, use nocturnal lights to illuminate nighttime behavior.
Kelvin Rating: What is it?
The Kelvin scale describes the color of a light source when compared to the color a theoretical blackbody radiates when heated at the same temperature. Aquarium inhabitants require the correct Kelvin Rating to survive and thrive.
LED Lighting Tips
Whether your existing aquarium could use brightening, or you’re exploring lighting options for a new setup, LED lighting will bring new brilliance, beauty, and affordability to your aquatic endeavors.
Lighting Upgrade Considerations
When choosing a lighting system it is important to select a system that meets the lighting requirements of the organisms you intend to keep. This article discusses the three types of aquariums and what lighting is best for each.
Nocturnal Lights Simulate Moonlight
The time a reef spends under moonlight is believed to be as significant as the time spent in full daylight. Moonlight promotes both internal and external activity among the many thousands of reef organisms.
Standard Fluorescent & VHO Lighting Systems Overview
With a wide variety of sizes, wattages, and spectrum ranges, fluorescent systems are the most popular type of aquarium lighting system. Both beginners and advanced hobbyist can find a use for standard fluorescent lighting.
The Fundamentals of Light Intensity
Properly lighting your aquarium can be perplexing if you do not understand the relation between wattage and intensity. Learn how these two parameters relate to your aquarium's lighting needs.


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Advanced Aquarium Monitoring and Control
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