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A Basic Guide to Discovering Corals
Fossil records show that stony corals have existed for 230 million years. Today, there are more than 2,000 known living species of corals. Corals are responsible for building the many beautiful reefs around the world.
Algae Control: Herbivores Can Help
Algae-eating herbivores like plecostomus, otocinclus, crabs, and snails control algae and detritus in your aquarium.
An Introduction to Livebearing Fish
Despite livebearers' delicate appearance, guppies, swordtails, mollies and platies are hardy, easy-care tropical fish that add great beauty to any home or office aquarium.
Aquarium Oddballs for Freshwater Hobbyists
Are you bored with buying the same old conventional tropical fish? Then consider adding aquarium oddballs. These less-common aquarium fish have unique physical features and behaviors that can add new excitement to your hobby.
Aquarium Shrimps Part 1 - An Introduction
Of all the crustaceans, the shrimps are probably the most popular with aquarists, and for good reason. This article discusses why.
Aquarium Shrimps Part 2 - Shrimps in the Aquarium Trade
The shrimps that are most often encountered by aquarium keepers are discussed in this article. Let's take a brief look at each of these families.
Aquarium Shrimps Part 3 - Shrimp Care
Most of the shrimps available to aquarists are relatively easy to keep if they are placed in the right captive venue. Learn how to care for aquarium shrimp in this article.
Buying Fish Online
Unheard of only a few years ago, it's becoming quite common for hobbyists to go online rather than the local pet shop when looking for that perfect addition to their aquarium. Learn why makes it easier then ever.
Corydoras Catfish: Freshwater Cleanup Crew
Need help keeping your aquarium substrate clean? Choose the peaceful, entertaining, and energetic Corydoras catfish. Read more here.
The graceful, stately Discus is a joy to behold. Bred in captivity since the early 1960s, the many varieties of these beautiful fish are prized for their bright and intricate color schemes by freshwater aquarists around the world.
Dive into the World of Freshwater Shrimp
Often overlooked as a hobby, the keeping of freshwater shrimp can provide the aquarist with a glimpse into an otherwise unexplored world of freshwater crustaceans.
Freshwater Clams for Natural Filtration
Did you know freshwater clams are efficient filter feeders? This natural feeding behavior can improve aquarium water quality clarity by removing excess nutrients.
Freshwater Invertebrates
Diverse, interesting, and colorful, freshwater invertebrates are easy to care for, tolerate a diverse range of aquarium temperatures, and are available in all sorts of unique shapes and sizes. Some are suited for aquariums as small as 10 gallons.
Goldfish Keeping
Many aquarists remember their first attempts at the hobby as a child, eagerly overfeeding a bright orange goldfish in a bare small bowl with colored marbles on the bottom. It's a myth that you can successfully keep goldfish in a bowl.
Ideas for Exceptional Aquarium Setups
You want an aquarium, but not the typical run-of-the-mill setup. Not to worry, there are numerous options sure to renew and refresh your interest in the aquarium hobby. Discover different approaches to aquarium setup.
Keeping the Jewels of the Reef: The Anthias of the Genus Pseudanthias - Part 1
Many species of anthias are now available to the home aquarist. In this article, we will examine some husbandry requirements you should consider before purchasing an anthias for your reef or fish-only aquarium.
Keeping the Jewels of the Reef: The Anthias of the Genus Pseudanthias - Part 2
Maintaining an anthias shoal can be difficult due to territorial aggression. Learn how you can successfully keep a shoal of anthias within the confines of a home aquarium.
Keeping the Jewels of the Reef: The Anthias of the Genus Pseudanthias - Part 3
One real problem with keeping anthias in the reef aquarium is making sure they get enough to eat. Enjoy healthy anthias with the following feeding tips.
Keeping the Jewels of the Reef: The Anthias of the Genus Pseudanthias - Part 4
Proper aquarium conditions help ensure anthias health. Combined with proper selection and the right tankmates, anthias make great additions to the reef aquarium. Learn more here.
Keeping the Jewels of the Reef: The Anthias of the Genus Pseudanthias - Part 5
There are a handful of anthias genera beside Pseudanthias available to marine hobbyists. Find out which ones can be successfully kept in the home aquarium.
We provide extensive information for every species offered at to make the process of planning and researching potential inhabitants informative and convenient. That's what makes the aquarists choice.
Livebearers: Freshwater Species Profile
Livebearers fun and very popular tropical aquarium fish. Many experienced aquarists continue to delight in the care and breeding of these colorful freshwater fish.
In the simplest terms, macroalgae are large-celled, photosynthetic algae. Available in several varieties, they are a valuable addition to a saltwater aquarium.
Marine Invertebrates, Benefits of
Is your saltwater aquarium plagued by algae? Aggressive algae growth may be due to excess detritus or polluted substrate. Fortunately, you can easily remedy these common problems by including certain marine invertebrates in your aquarium.
Pistol Shrimp & Gobies
As the goby uses the shrimp's burrow for protection from predators, it also acts as "eyes" for the pistol shrimp. During the day, the goby hovers above the burrow, feeding and interacting with other gobies.
Popular Saltwater Fish for Beginners
The beginner fish in this article are saltwater species that have proven to be very hardy, undemanding, and are very forgiving when it comes to less than ideal water conditions.
Proper Selection and Care of New Fish
Avoid common mistakes that result in unnecessary fish loss. Make smart choices and ensure aquarium success by learning how to select healthy aquarium fish. Before you buy new fish, consider the following.
Reef Basslets & Grammas - Part 1
As responsible hobbyists, we should always be looking for fishes that will thrive in our home aquariums. There is one group of serranids, that are ideally adapted to living in confined spaces. These fishes are the subjects of this article.
Reef Basslets & Grammas - Part 2
If you are looking for a fish that is not only beautiful, but durable and relatively congenial to its tankmates, then the grammas are for you! These fishes readily adapt to captive life and can be housed in small to large aquariums.
Saltwater Aquarium Species Profile: Beginner Fish
When choosing fish for your saltwater aquarium, there are many important issues to consider. The following species profile offers quick facts regarding two popular marine fish species suitable for beginning hobbyists.
It has been a misconception by the public that the decline in wild seahorses is due to their collection for the aquarium trade, and for Asian medicinal purposes. In fact, the greatest impact on their population is the destruction of their habitat.
Spotlight on Captive-Bred ORA® Seahorses
Members of the highly-social Hippocampus genus offer marine aquarists a unique fish-keeping experience. Discover interesting facts regarding ORA® Captive-Bred seahorses and what it takes to care for these enchanting fish.
Sub-tropical Marine Aquariums
Dive into the world of sub-tropical marine aquariums. Kept at a much cooler water temperature than tropical marine aquariums, sub-tropical aquariums are one of the "coolest" trends in the saltwater aquarium hobby.
Why It's Called Live Rock
The biological diversity found on live rock is a microcosm of the natural reef environment. It is this diversity that helps replicate, in the home aquarium, the ocean. But not all hitchhikers are pleasant. Learn how to spot and remove pests.


Buying Fish Online
Corydoras Catfish: Freshwater Cleanup Crew

Freshwater Clams for Natural Filtration
Spotlight on Captive-Bred ORA® Seahorses

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