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Dewormer Comparison Chart
Worming medications for dogs can be overwhelming, with this helpful comparison chart, you will learn which product will work best for your dog's condition, wormer ingredients, and their safety.

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Dog Fleas: The Flea Tapeworm
Drs. Foster and Smith talks about the life cycle of the flea tapeworm Dipylidium caninum, including prevention and treatment options.
Flea Control: Fleas Can Lead to Tapeworm
If your dog has fleas, he could have tapeworms too.
Hookworms in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Hookworms are one of the most common intestinal parasites of dogs and cats and can cause life-threatening disease, like severe anemia, and serious diarrhea.
Intestinal Parasites: A Severe Health Threat to Dogs
Find out how your pet contracts various intestinal parasites, why they’re harmful, and what you can do to prevent them.
Intestinal Worms: Signs & Symptoms
Almost every pet has had or will have a case of intestinal parasites at least once in his life. The two most common intestinal parasites in our pets are roundworms and hookworms.
Roundworms in Dogs
Learn the signs and symptoms of roundworm infestation and how to treat the condition.
Whipworms in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Whipworms are common in dogs and found throughout the United States. Whipworms get their name from the whip-like shape of the adult worms.
Worms: Transmission to Humans Possible
Find out how to prevent roundworm and hookworm infection in your pet and also in the humans he/she spends time with.

HEALTHCARE CHECKLISTS Open expanded article descriptions
Hookworm Checklist

PUPPY'S FIRST WEEK Close expanded article descriptions
Dog Deworming Guidelines
Displayed are Drs. Foster & Smith's guidelines for deworming your puppy, nursing dam, adult dog, or newly aquired animals.

Can People Get Worms from Their Pets?
General Discussion on Parasites: Types, Transmission & Life Cycles
Worming Dogs
Dewormer Comparison Chart
Dog Deworming Guidelines
Whipworms in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Worming Dogs
Worms: Transmission to Humans Possible
Dog Fleas: The Flea Tapeworm

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