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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Close expanded article descriptions
Dog Weight Control FAQs
Get questions answered to all your concerns about dog weight control.

GENERAL INFORMATION Close expanded article descriptions
Exercise Safety Tips
Exercising can often be boring and difficult to do alone. Have you ever thought of including your dog in your fitness routine?
Health Risks of Obesity
As in people, dogs carrying extra pounds of weight place extra demands on virtually all the organs of their bodies. Lean the health risks of canine obesity and actions you can take to prevent or correct it.
Is Your Dog Overweight?
Veterinarians often use a 9 point scoring system to evaluate the body condition of pets. A point value of 1 means the dog is extremely thin to the point of emaciation. A score of 9 means the pet is grossly overweight.
Obesity in Dogs - Is It Illness?
Is your dog eating too much or is something else wrong?
Obesity in Dogs: How to Help Control It
Obesity may be the #1 health problem in dogs. Deal with your pet’s obesity and avoid some serious health conditions.
Smart Choices for Overweight Dogs
NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME to increase outdoor activities that help encourage weight loss in your dog. However, exercise alone may not result in healthy weight loss. A proper weight management program begins at home with proper nutrition.
Weight Management is Critical to a Dog’s Health
Obesity has a negative impact on the degenerated joints of arthritic pets. So, here’s what you can do.

HEALTHCARE CHECKLISTS Close expanded article descriptions
Hypothyroid? Symptoms Checklist
Sometimes, in the stress of the moment, owners forget to tell their veterinarian relevant information about their pets. Here is a handy checklist to bring with you to your next veterinary appointment.
Overweight Checklist
We are an overweight society and our pets are no different. By far the most common explanation for an overweight pet is simply too little exercise and too much to eat.

Calorie Content of Foods People Use as 'Treats'
Weight Reduction Programs
Dog Diet & Weight Control
Obesity in Dogs: How to Help Control It
Dog Weight Control FAQs
Hypothyroid? Symptoms Checklist
Dog Diet & Weight Control
Weight Management is Critical to a Dog’s Health
Obesity in Dogs - Is It Illness?

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