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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Open expanded article descriptions
Puppy Housetraining FAQs
Stress Control FAQs

GENERAL INFORMATION Close expanded article descriptions
Anxious Pup Calming Aids
Anxious pets are sensitive to many things in their lives causing them undue stress, separation anxiety, lack of exercise, and too much turmoil or excitement. Many natural remedies are available to calm and relax your dog.
Basic Commands: Teaching Your Puppy
Learn the right ways to teach your dog basic commands like Come, Stay, Sit, Heel, and Down. Obedience training reinforces good behavior, improves your relationship, and helps keep your pup safe.
Housetraining Checklist
A housetraining checklist should include items needed for training your pup to go potty indoors or outdoors in designated areas and training motivators like treats for rewards.
Nametags: Your Best Insurance
Worried your pet will become lost if let outdoors? Follow the advice of thousands of pet owners and our veterinary staff to help ensure your lost pet will be returned home.
Pet Health Checkups Enhance Your Care
Twice-yearly veterinarian checkups help diagnose problems early, minimize unexpected medical, and improve the quality of your pet’s life.
Puppy's 1st Year: Behavior & Socialization
From the point you bring your pup home and throughout his entire life - but especially during the first two years - it is imperative that you make every effort to expand the puppy's environment and expose him to new things.
Questions for Our Veterinarians: Top 10
Our veterinarians answer your most important questions about dog care: from housetraining, problem barking, tick removal and more!
Socializing your Puppy
Socialization is a critical component of a healthy, well adjusted adult dog. This is especially important in breeds that are known for their protective or aggressive nature.
The Unique Needs of Toy Breeds
Toy Breeds Have Unique Needs
Top 10 Money-Saving Pet Care Tips
A pet can be a big expense, so you want to be able to take care of him when he needs it. This article gives you information on how you can save money on your pet's healthcare, prescriptions, and more.
Vaccinate Your Dog at Home
Vaccinations given at home are easy, convenient, and less stressful on your dog. Buying the vaccines and administering the shots at home also allows you to save money and time.
Vaccination Schedule for Dogs
Puppies need to be vaccinated at 5, 6, 9, 12, and then 15 weeks of age to prevent and protect them from potential diseases they may be exposed to. For the majority of puppies and dogs, Drs. Foster & Smith recommend the following:

HEALTHCARE CHECKLISTS Open expanded article descriptions
Emergency Visit Checklist

PUPPY'S FIRST WEEK Close expanded article descriptions
Housetraining Methods
Housetraining your new puppy involves a little patience and encouragment from you to use the piddle pads in a designated area indoors, or outside in an area you have chosen for him/her to relieve themselves.
New Puppies & Sleep: Tips for Bedtime
Excitement over your newest family member can turn into frustration and exhaustion. Not to worry, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure puppy, and everyone else, gets a good night's sleep.
New Puppy Product Selection Guide
Caring for a new puppy requires a little patience and love. You can practice basic housetraining techniques and give quality healthcare by just following a few simple guidelines.

PUPPY'S FIRST MONTH Open expanded article descriptions
Chewing Behavior: How to control it
Train Your Dog to Walk With a Lead

Adopting from an Animal Shelter
Animal Rescue Organizations
Bringing Your New Puppy Home
Choosing a Healthy Puppy
Choosing the 'Right' Breeder
Choosing the 'Right' Type of Dog for You
Cost of Owning
Spaying and Neutering
New Pet
Puppy Housetraining FAQs
Vaccination Schedule for Dogs
Vaccinate Your Dog at Home
New Pet
Pet Health Checkups Enhance Your Care
Top 10 Money-Saving Pet Care Tips

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