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Celebrate National Dog Day, August 26
Learn about National Dog Day, August 26, and how you can celebrate with your special canine(s)!
Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs
Find out why chocolate is toxic, how to tell if your dog has ingested chocolate, and who you can call to get help.
Essential Warmth in Cool Weather for Dogs
Discover easy ways to keep your dog warm, healthy, and happy when the weather cools.
Halloween Pet Costumes
Some dogs love getting the attention that a Halloween pet costume brings, but other dogs just don't like being laughed at. How do you get these dogs to like the costume? Here are some Halloween pet costume tips >
Halloween Safety for Your Pet
Tips for making Halloween safe for dogs and cats.
Help Animals in Need this Holiday
Share your love with animals in need
Holiday Pet Safety Quiz
Decorating and food preparations are usually a fun time for all during the holiday season, however, many decorations and holiday foods are potentially dangerous. Test your knowledge of holiday hazards.
Holiday Safety for Dogs
We want the holidays to be a happy time for you and your pet, not a time for an emergency visit to your veterinarian.
Holidays: Calming Your Stressed-Out Dog
We are not the only ones who may have some stress during the holiday season - our pets, generally sensitive to our moods and feelings as well as the changes in routine, may also be under some unusual stress.
Keys to Stress-Free Holidays
Visiting guests, new décor, can turn an otherwise calm companion into a frazzled, ill-behaved dog. Unfortunately, holidays can abruptly change any household. Here's how to help minimize your pet's stress level.
Obedience: Refresh for the Holidays
The upcoming holiday season, with its constant stream of guests, is the perfect excuse to make sure that your dog is in tip-top social condition.
Pancreatitis in Dogs
Learn what causes dog pancreatitis and how to prevent it, especially during holidays when excess table scraps are common.
Puppies - as Christmas Gifts?
Children, pets, and Christmas are a natural. If you have your heart set on giving a pet and watching your child's face light up, consider an after holiday pet.
Separation Anxiety During the Holidays
Separation anxiety occurs during the holidays when pets are left alone, resulting in unwanted behavioral problems. Practical solutions calm your pet and redirect his attention positively.
Stories From Our Clinic: The Chocolate-Eating Poodle
This is a true story from our clinic about a poodle who got into the christmas chocolates.
Top 10 Essential Dog Supplies for Autumn
Maintain a safe, healthy dog as autumn rolls in – with these 10 essential dog products.

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Noise and Storm Phobia Checklist
Bring this handy checklist to your next veterinarian appointment. Offers an easy visual checklist of your dog’s specific symptoms

Choosing a Boarding Facility
Electrical Shock
Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog
Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs
Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs
Pancreatitis in Dogs
Noise and Storm Phobia Checklist
Top 10 Essential Dog Supplies for Autumn
Essential Warmth in Cool Weather for Dogs

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Holiday Santa Scrunchies for Dogs
Holiday Santa Scrunchies for Dogs
As low as $4.92
Drs. Foster and Smith Holiday Ruffs
Drs. Foster and Smith Holiday Ruffs
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Holiday Headwear
Holiday Headwear
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