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Cat Calming Solutions Comparison
Does travel frazzle your cat? Here's our top picks for products to make the miles traveled serene and stress-free.
Deworming Guidelines for Cats & Kittens
Displayed are Drs. Foster & Smith's guidelines for deworming your kitten, nursing dam, adult cat, or newly aquired animals.
Wormer Comparison Chart
Worming medications for cats can be overwhelming, with this helpful comparison chart, you will learn which product will work best for your cat's condition, wormer ingredients, and their safety.

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Automated Cat Products: Simplify Daily Care
Today, there are products which automate daily feeding, watering, litter control, play, and security. Using these devices, you can maintain your cat's comfortable routine, whether you're home or away.
Cases From Our Clinic: Orphan of the Storm
Storm was a new mother cat who'd been left alone on a cold fall night. Did she survive?
Cat Healthcare Tips
Nine tips to help you care for your cat and provide him/her with a longer, healthier life.
Cost-Saving Home Cat Care Tips
Pet-care costs can add up quickly. Between supplies, nutrition and healthcare, some owners spend thousands of dollars annually for a single pet. Do you make every dollar count? Start with these 10 money-saving tips.
Head to Tail Health Assessments at Home
Did you know the best preventive care starts at home? Use this simple monthly checklist to promote the best health for your cat.
How to Find a Cat-Friendly Apartment
Moving? Use these six steps to help you and your cat find the best cat-friendly apartment.
Nutrition for Every Life Stage
Is your kitten or cat getting the nutrition she needs for a healthy life? Find out now.
Stress in Cats: Signs, Sources & Coping
Even indoor cats living the easy life can become stressed. Here are our veterinarians' recommendations for keeping your kitty cool, calm, and collected.
Why Vaccinate at Home?
Looking to vaccinate your cat at home? Our veterinarians have compiled the tips and guidance you need to make home vaccination easy.

KITTEN'S FIRST DAY Open expanded article descriptions
Feeding Kittens and Pregnant/Nursing Cats FAQs
New Kittens, Bringing One Home

KITTEN'S FIRST WEEK Close expanded article descriptions
Vaccination Schedule for Cats
Do you know which vaccinations your cat or kitten needs? Use this chart to determine what vaccines your kitty needs.

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How to Raise a Happier, Healthier Cat

Bringing Home a New Cat or Kitten
Choosing the Right Veterinarian
Early Spaying & Neutering of Kittens
Maternal Immunity: Disease Protection
Kitten Care
Wormer Comparison Chart
Why Vaccinate at Home?
Vaccination Schedule for Cats
Kitten Care
Feeding Kittens and Pregnant/Nursing Cats FAQs
Cost-Saving Home Cat Care Tips

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Kitten Care
Drs. Foster and Smith Joint Care Premium Plus
Drs. Foster and Smith Joint Care Premium Plus
As low as $29.99
Drs. Foster and Smith ToothCare Dental Kit
Drs. Foster and Smith ToothCare Dental Kit
As low as $7.99
Royal Canin Veterinary Care Nutrition Feline Development Kitten Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin Veterinary Care Nutrition Feline Development Kitten Dry Cat Food
As low as $5.49

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