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Pet Ferret Toy
9 results

Marshall Ferret Bungee Toy

As low as $3.99
Elasticized ferret toy delivers hours of tugging fun Attaches easily to the top of any ferret cage Plush fleece toy comes in assorted colors, shapes Hang this plush fleece toy from the top of your ferret's cage and watch the fun begin! Soft, elasticized plush toy securely clips to any bar on the cage top. Features sewn-in rattle as an ...
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WARE Critter Toys

As low as $5.99
Welcome home 3 fun playmates to your small pet's habitat Small pet toys encourage exercise & playtime enrichment Life-like textures and riveting rattle sound engage the senses Entertain your ferret and other furry friends with this 3-pack of cuddly rattle toys! Boredom-busting playmates - frog, bird & mouse - bring plenty of colors, textures and fun exercise to the party, ...
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Kong Toy

As low as $4.69
Durable, ferret chew toy Constructed of Kong's exclusive, nontoxic red natural rubber Made in the USA Strong, bouncy Kong safely meets the chewing needs of your ferret. Made of flexible, puncture-resistant natural rubber; each wobbles and bounces erratically. Kongs will not stain carpets or walls. Any treat that fits inside the Kong will work. You can even break certain treats ...
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Teach & Treat Toy

As low as $13.99
Challenge and reward your small pet's intellect using Teach & TreatEducational toy offers three increasingly difficult foraging challengesEnlists your pet's observation, listening, and learning skills to capture treats Sharpen your small pet's foraging skills with this 3-in-1 educational game. Teach & Treat Small Pet Toy challenges your pet to listen, learn, and observe his way to foraging ...
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Forest Series Skinneeez Toys

As low as $2.19
Trigger your ferret's love for the hunt with these innovative, stuffing-free toys This chew toy leaves behind no stuffing messes for you to clean up! Alleviate ferret boredom with these furry forest friends Watch your ferret, chase, attack, and carry off this "prey." Forest Skinneeez plush toys give ferrets hours of playtime fun and are fashioned in favorite animals of ...
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SPOT Colorful Springs Toys

As low as $1.99
Put a little "spring" in your fuzzy's step with these colorful, bouncy, plastic spring ferret toys. Your ferret will have fun chasing them around while their unpredictable bounce will drive them nuts! Great toy to entertain your cat too! Regular measures 3" long; Wide 2" long. Please click on "More Information" for care instructions.
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Ferret Dig Box

As low as $9.99
Spark your ferret's instinctive digging and tunneling behaviors. Completely safe and nontoxic ferret dig box offers hour after hour of playtime fun. Thick, sturdy cardboard box is tough enough for multiple ferrets to dig, roll, and weave inside and arrives chock full of all-starch packing peanuts. Discourages your ferret from destructive scratching and digging by offering a healthy and ...
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Marshall Pop-N-Play Ball Pit for Ferrets

As low as $34.99
Give your ferrets hours of funhouse adventure with their own colorful ball pit! The Pop-N-Play is designed with multiple ferrets in mind. They'll love jumping in and out of holes and tunneling through colorful balls. Excellent for multiple ferrets and other small pets such as guinea pigs, rats, and chinchillas. Comes with a handy self-closing tab that attaches to furniture, ...
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Play Paw

As low as $7.99
Ferret play is more fun with this oversized mitt Thick plush offers protection from nips and scratches A FULL 1" thick! Protective double-thick plush glove will keep you frolicking with your fuzzy until she's tired. Wrestle with her, play 'stalk me if you can,' or pop it around corners to surprise her! Play Paw protects your hand and lower arm ...
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