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Parakeet Refill Toy
6 results

Supreme Cotton Tower Blocks

As low as $3.49
Colorful wood blocks with Supreme Cotton rope inserted into holes Lets your bird climb without getting his toes tangled Holes are drilled into blocks so you can fill them with favorite snacks for foraging Enrich your pet bird's life with a special toy he can climb or preen. Sturdy, colorful wooden pillar is filled with holes stuffed with knots of ...
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Shred Master

As low as $9.99
Toy is filled with 100 feet of paper for pet birds to pull and playDurable bird toy made with bulletproof materialEasy to refill bird toy-just open and place new roll inside 100 feet of pulling, shredding fun at an economical price. Holes on sides make it easy to see when to refill the paper, bulletproof casing makes it super durable. ...
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Waffle Stuffers 3-Pack

As low as $4.99
Easy-to-fill waffle stuffers are pre-filled with crinkle shredding paper Use as a foot toy or a toy-making component Perfect for honing your bird's foraging skills Waffle Stuffers' unique design makes them great for tucking in any number of your bird's favorite small treats and toys. They arrive at your home pre-loaded with tempting crinkle shredding paper to engage your bird's ...
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Surprise Box Swing

As low as $5.99
Hang foraging toy for boredom-busting bird activityRefillable paper boxes surprise birds with extra shredding funEngaging bird toy enriches cage time for parakeets, conures, and similar-sized birds A trio of treat-filled boxes graces this party-style toy. Give your bird the challenge of retrieving the sea grass, palm fiber, and confetti paper from the tissue-paper-covered boxes.Toy also ...
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Drs. Foster & Smith

As low as $6.99
It won't take your bird long to discover the almonds-in-shell tucked inside this toy. Three plastic waffle stuffers on a chain are pre-loaded with crinkle shredding papers. Watch your bird climb the plastic links, swing from the waffle balls, or nibble at the inner rewards. Even after the shreddables are gone, you can refill it again and again with your ...
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Foraging Pouch

As low as $16.99
Refillable foraging toy entertains with paper shreds - or add your own treats Natural sisal with built-in hanging toys on either side Stands up to tough chewing & climbing Looking to alleviate birdy boredom? Give parakeets to conures the perfect place to climb, preen, forage for treats, and play the day away. Made of sea grass, wood slats, vine stars, ...
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