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Nutritional Tetra Pet Food
9 results

TetraMin Tropical Tablets

As low as $3.99
TetraMin sinking tablets address the nutritional needs of aquarium bottom feeders. Provides the renowned nutrition of TetraMin formula for catfish and loaches - also great for terrapins and marine invertebrates. Newly formulated with "ProCare" health-enhancing nutrient blend. Improved digestibility means healthy fish growth and clean, clear aquarium water. Please click on "More Information" ...
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TetraFin® Goldfish Flake Food

As low as $4.99
Nutritionally balanced goldfish diet for optimal fish health. TetraFin Goldfish Flake is a staple goldfish diet that satisfies the nutritional requirements of coldwater fish. New, improved formulation promotes longer life and better health for goldfish. Special "ProCare," health-enhancing blend contains Omega-3 fatty acids, immune boosting ingredients, and a biotin supplement to bolster ...
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Tetra JumboKrill

As low as $7.99
Large Pacific krill perfect for feeding whole to large aquarium fish. Break freeze-dried krill into bite-sized chunks for smaller fish for a treat rich in protein, fiber and flavor! Jumbo Krill is a great choice for freshwater or saltwater fish with an appetite for meaty treats. Please click on "More Information" for nutritional information.
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TetraMarine Granules

As low as $6.49
A great companion food for TetraMarine Flakes. Scientifically formulated granules contain "ProCare," a patented health-enhancing blend of Omega-3 fatty acids and a biotin supplement, to provide energy and enhance fish metabolism. "Clean and Clear Water" formulation delivers concentrated nutrition for less waste. Slow-sinking food morsels are ideal for mid-water and bottom-feeding marine fish. ...
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TetraMin Tropical Granules

As low as $4.39
Slow sinking bite-sized granules ideal for smaller tropical aquarium fish Highly nutritious ingredients support tropical fish health and coloration Formulated to improve food utilization for clean, clear aquarium water Specially designed granules for small, mid-water feeding community aquarium fish. These highly nutritious slow-sinking granules are newly formulated with "ProCare" ...
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TetraMin Tropical Crisps

As low as $5.99
Uniquely-shaped premium tropical aquarium fish food with concentrated centers Uniform crisp size allows easy monitoring to take the guesswork out of feeding your fish Fortified fish food improves tank clarity, feeding convenience and fish appearance and acceptance Nutritionally-fortified crisps take the guesswork out of feeding your fish. The outer edge of each crisp contains essential ...
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TetraCichlid Sticks

As low as $6.99
Scientifically developed protein rich food for top-feeding cichlids Nutritionally balanced diet supports optimal cichlid health & color Highly digestible sticks promote clear aquarium water by minimizing waste Provide essential daily nutrition to medium to large, top-feeding cichlids. TetraCichlid Floating Cichlid Sticks are ideal for Firemouth and Convict Cichlids as well as many other large ...
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TetraMin Select-A-Food

As low as $5.49
Innovative canister contains three different types of fish foodConvenient way to provide aquarium fish nutritional varietyContains TetraMin Tropical Crisps, TetraMin Granules, and Baby Shrimp Three popular Tetra fish foods in one easy-dispense container. TetraMin Select-A-Food boasts an unique, multi-section canister to simplify tropical fish nutrition. Choose from TetraMin Tropical Crisps, ...
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TetraCichlid Cichlid Flakes

As low as $10.99
Cichlid flakes for South and Central American and all African cichlids Hearty flake food provides aquarium cichlids nutrition and energy Nutritious Vitamin C enhanced flake food promotes cichlid health High-protein flakes developed for cichlids and most large tropical fish. A complete diet in large flake form. It promotes color and growth. Highly concentrated to reduce feedings and aquarium ...
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