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Nontoxic Animals Toy
7 results

Celebration Toys

As low as $6.99
Colorful small pet toys with paper sticks and wooden block Festive toys provide small pets an outlet for chewing behavior Varied chewing textures keep small pets occupied and teeth trim Turn small pet playtime into party time with brightly colored wood and paper toys. Celebration Toys for Small Pets feature chewable, pullable paper sticks firmly anchored in a vibrant wood ...
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Dog Treat Maze

As low as $10.99
Does your pet gulp his pet food? Is he overweight? If so, try serving his kibble in the Dog Treat Maze. This clever maze was designed by Nina Ottosson to provide hours of brain-teasing fun while also substantially extending mealtime. Slower eating may help dogs feel satiated with less food and support healthier digestion. If you have multiple dogs in ...
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Harry Barker® Hemp Safari Bone Dog Toy

As low as $11.99
Durable cotton canvas and hemp fibers make this an eco-friendly toy Recycled fiberfill cuts down on landfill waste Earth-friendly dyes are safe, nontoxic and ready for your super chewer Tail-waggin' blend of cotton and aromatic hemp lets you feel good about offering your dog this bone toy. Safari Bone Dog Toy is stuffed with an eco-friendly fiberfill made from recycled ...
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String & Burl Bundles

As low as $2.99
Earth-friendly small pet toy contains no plastic, glue or chemicals Keep small pets active and entertained with loads of chewing fun Multiple play options keep various small pet species entertained Fun comes naturally with this wonderful earth-friendly toy for small pets. String & Burl Bundles by Planet Pleasures is the all-natural toy handmade with dried palm leaves and nontoxic, pet-safe ...
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Triangle Teaser Hanging Toy

As low as $5.99
Fun interactive toy tempt heavy chewers with loads of colorful wood chews. Long-lasting, durable activity center for small pets keeps boredom to a minimum with dual play options. Triangle-shaped wood chews offer an acceptable chewing outlet for small pets while doubling as steps on a ladder for a fun climbing challenge sure to exercise body and mind. Triangle Teaser Hanging ...
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Atomic Treat Ball

As low as $7.99
A challenging toy that gives your dog a treat!Irregular shape causes it to bounce erratically, enticing your pet to playConstructed of thick, durable vinyl to last and last Unique shape keeps your smart dog busy! Recommended by leading animal behaviorists, this durable, challenging toy can be used with your dog's favorite food or treats to help reduce boredom and destructive ...
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Living World Nibblers Corn Husk Chews

As low as $1.99
Improve your small pet's dental care with Nibblers Corn Husk Chews for small pets. Made of all-natural corn husk and raffia, they clean and floss the teeth as your pet nibbles. Simply add Nibblers to the cage or habitat to promote fun play, satisfactory chewing, and boredom relief. Nibblers offer pet-friendly shapes as well as natural materials your pet would ...
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