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Mosquito Insect Control
5 results

Pre-Strike® Mosquito Torpedo®

As low as $7.59
Easy-to-use mosquito control tablets for ornamental ponds and fountainsPrevent mosquito larvae from developing into biting, breeding adultsPlace Mosquito Torpedo in areas where mosquitoes may breed Long-lasting Mosquito Torpedoes prevent mosquito larvae from developing into breeding, biting adults. Each 1-1/2" torpedo provides 60 days of protection. Sinking design maximizes effectiveness and ...
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Sunshine's Bat House

As low as $39.99
Patented features make this bat house unique Side slots provide superior echo-location Two chambers with mesh landing zone for firm foothold One-of-a-kind "echo-location" side slots enable incoming bats to find their spot within the colony. The screen-covered back wall extends below the bottom entry portal to afford a convenient landing zone. Inside, a vertical partition creates two chambers, ...
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Organization for Bat Conservation Bat Houses

As low as $49.99
House for bats keep bats near, helping to control the mosquito population and the diseases mosquitoes transmit, like West Nile Virus Bat houses benefit bats, you, your family, communities, farmers, gardeners and the ecosystem Bat houses give bats an alternative to our houses, reducing the chance of human to bat contact Invite colonies of bats - up to 300! - ...
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"Bat"chelor Pad

As low as $29.99
Large landing pad and screened interior Also suitable for smaller nursing colonies Enjoy your backyard without irritating mosquitoes. Handcrafted "Bat"chelor Pad Condo houses up to 30 bats in a single chamber. Fully assembled and constructed of 1" eastern white pine for insulation and durability, this bat house weathers nicely to an attractive silver gray color, which blends in with the ...
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Trap 'N Toss™ Insect Traps by Farnam

As low as $4.99
Keep outdoor pond areas free of annoying insects. Farnam Trap 'N Toss Insect Trap employs multiple feeding stimulants PLUS a pheromone attractant to lure, catch, and hold over 10,000 flies! Simply squeeze in the included attractant, add water and gently mix the solution in the trap and hang or place on the ground wherever flies are active. Agitate trap solution ...
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