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Molded Decor
5 results

Ceramic Wood Decor

As low as $39.99
Wood replica aquarium ornaments appear as if reclaimed from nature Realistic decor for natural aquarium ambience without harmful paint Give nocturnal aquarium fish darkened hideaways for daytime refuge Recreate the look of sunken root and branch structures without unwanted effects. Molded ceramic replicas of tree branches and stumps look so real, you'll think they've been reclaimed from a ...
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Lixit Cat Feeder or Water Fountain

As low as $8.99
Reversible base lets you use it as a feeder OR a water fountain Holds approx. 8 cups dry food or 64 oz water BPA-free plastic unit features cat related graphics for owner appeal You decide how to use this gravity-style dispenser - as a kibble feeder OR a water fountain. Or, buy two so you can have one of each. ...
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Aquascape® Pouring 3-Tier Bamboo Fountain with Pump

As low as $63.98
Add a lush, tropical cascade of water to your ponds and water features. Pouring 3-Tier Bamboo Fountain instantly envelops you in an aura of the tropics - without the airfare. Fountain resembles real bamboo tubes, yet is artfully molded from poly-resin to offer amazing detail, consistent texture, and sturdy durability. Simply close your eyes and listen to the soothing trickle ...
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Schrodt Designs Ruby Hummingbird Lantern Feeder

As low as $32.99
Quality hummingbird feeder with hand-lathed redwood base & cap Imported French bottle reservoir holds 14 oz of hummingbird nectar Made in USA hummingbird feeder boasts sleek artistic modern design USA made nectar feeder boasts art quality kiln-fired colored glass for a chic new way to attract hummingbirds. Schrodt Designs Ruby Hummingbird Lantern Feeder features elegant, modern styling warmed ...
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Songbird Essentials Bird Bath & Feeder Brush

As low as $5.99
A big brush is essential for big jobs like cleaning large feeders or birdbaths. If you keep wild bird areas and feeders clean, songbirds will be more likely to visit, plus clean feeders and baths are healthier for backyard visitors. Songbird Essentials Bird Bath & Feeder Brush has long, stiff bristles and an easy grip handle so you can clean ...
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