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Miniature Aquarium Supplies
4 results

Fluval Reef Aquarium Set

As low as $539.99
Inclusive reef aquarium kit available in 14-gallon M40 or 24-gallon M60 models boasts easy set up and maintenance to enhance the reef keeping experience. Fluval Reef Aquarium Set comes with a glass aquarium with frosted rim framing, a high-quality laminated cabinet with 2-tone doors, Marine & Reef High Performance LED Light , Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer, Fluval Sea CP1 Circulation ...
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Fan-Cooled Nano Cube Aquariums

As low as $219.99
Nano Cube high-tech aquarium system with 3-stage filtration and lighting Nano Cube's fan-cooled aquarium canopy extends the life of bulbs & ballast Ideal depth for stacking live rock to create a miniature reef aquarium The Nano Cube aquarium system exemplifies high-tech performance in miniature. Designed to provide the ideal depth for proper rock stacking and planting, the Nano Cube aquarium ...
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Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit

As low as $6.99
Convenient planted aquarium kit for a stunning desktop displayIncludes key aquarium components for thriving aquatic plantsMini CO2 system included for a lush planted aquarium setup Inclusive aquatic plant kit demystifies product selection for a stylish designer aquarium. Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit comes equipped to streamline aquarium setup. Compact desktop aquarium kit includes such ...
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Fluval Spec Desktop Aquarium Kits

As low as $67.99
Small designer glass aquariums bring enormous style to any desk, counter, or shelf Explore aquatic possibilities in miniature, easily create exceptional aquarium setups Nano aquarium kits include LED lighting and 3-stage filtration Add a stunning freshwater aquatic environment to virtually any space in your home or office. Fluval SPEC Desktop Aquarium Kits may be small, but they're big on ...
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