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Metal Outdoor Decor
5 results

Alpine Corporation Metal Birdbaths with Bird

As low as $55.99
Freestanding birdbath gives your backyard birds a colorful oasis in spring and summer. Enameled cloisonne metal on bath and stand has rust, sage, brown, red, and other muted colors in pleasing designs. Each birdbath shines when sunlight strikes it, which attracts birds, and a single songbird statuette sitting on side of bath beckons your avian visitors to enjoy the water. ...
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Illuminarie Swirl Birdbath

As low as $26.99
One-of-a-kind glow-in-the-dark birdbath made of hand-blown glass - no two are alike. Keeps visiting birds happy, day or night, and makes a beautiful backyard accent. Embedded crystals absorb light energy by day and emit a soft glow by night. Use as a birdbath or a dish feeder. Includes a metal ground stake supported by four spikes. Holds 1-1/2 quarts water ...
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Potty Time Chimes®

As low as $19.95
Know exactly when your dog has to go out to go potty Easily teach your dog to associate moving the bells with the act of going outside Hang Potty Time Chimes from any doorknob, adjust to suit dogs of any size FREE included training DVD further simplifies the training process With Potty Time Chimes, you'll know exactly when your dog ...
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Party Chimes

As low as $3.99
Two levels spin and turn Multiple textures keep birds intrigued Colored with vegetable based dye Watch your small bird pull and preen the paper streamers, pick at the plastic beads, and peck and chew the wood slats. Made with pine, vine, paper, and steel. Place small nuts or seeds in the wicker ball for your small bird to forage. Dangles ...
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Kinetic Stakes Pond Spinners

As low as $89.99
Color, spinning movement, and whimsical style keep garden guests spellbound. Kinetic Stakes Pond Spinners by Regal Art & Gift offers a fun and easy way to add excitement to any outdoor space. Place a Kinetic Stake near your pond or water garden and simply wait for the next breeze. Rich, vibrant coloration comes to life with dynamic movement bursting with ...
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