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Mesh Bag
9 results

Laguna Planting Bags

As low as $2.99
Flexible planting bags for ponds and water gardensIdeal planter for narrow or odd-shaped planting areas of your water gardenMesh planting bags allow good water circulation for proper pond plant development Say good-bye to backbreaking water gardening. Unlike non-porous planters that retain the full weight of water, these finely woven fabric planters allow excellent drainage. Lightweight and ...
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AquaClear Media Bags

As low as $2.49
Customize your Hagen AquaClear Power Filters to meet your aquarium filtration needs. The AquaClear Media Bags simplifies the use of custom chemical filter media. Fine mesh bag great for use with granulated activated carbon, peat fiber, pellets, resins or any other aquarium filter media. AquaClear Media Bags safely hold even small-grained filter media without compromising water flow. Use in ...
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Shires All-Mesh Hay Bag

As low as $35.99
Keep your horse from eating too fast with easy-to-fill mesh hay bag. Fast eating can lead to obesity, and digestive problems. Fast, sloppy eating can also lead to waste, costing you money. All-Mesh Hay Bag has perforated fabric on sides and mesh panels with 2" diamond-shaped openings to make your horse work when eating his hay, effectively slowing him down. ...
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Shires Equestrian 2" Mesh Hay Bag

As low as $8.99
Economical hay nets are a convenient way to keep hay contained to minimize waste, improve sanitation, and slow your horse's rate of feeding. Lightweight nylon bags feature 2" mesh holes and offer a drawstring closure at top. Hang in stables, on trailers and on fence posts. A great way to prevent hay from being contaminated by manure. Capacities are approximate. ...
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Cashel Feed Rite™ Bag

As low as $17.96
Tough, lightweight feeding bag saves you money on wasted grain, simplifies your horse's eating, and enables portion control Gives your horse more of his food with each bite, and saves grain that would otherwise be scattered Sturdy, vinyl-coated mesh fabric construction in an easy-to-use, adjustable feed bag that fits most horses This tough, terrifically convenient horse feeding bag saves you ...
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Sherpa Cat Tote

As low as $42.49
Heavy-duty wire mesh panels maximize ventilation Front, back and side zippered pockets store kitty's essentials Top and side entries expand pet-loading options Stylish soft-sided tote takes kitty overseas - or across town - in head-turning style. This shoulder-style carrier boasts snap-up privacy flaps, locking zippers and multiple pockets for storage. Cats ride comfortably on the machine ...
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EasyPro BIO-BLOX Filter Media with Mesh Bag

As low as $36.84
Bulk polyester sponge media for biological pond filtration Low-cost pond biomedia perfect for large volume applications Huge surface area for bacteria that break down pond pollutants Budget-friendly bulk biomedia boosts biological breakdown of pond pollutants. EasyPro BIO-BLOX Filter Media boasts nearly 500 square feet of surface area per cubic feet of media. More surface area means more ...
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Ultimate Bag on Wheels

As low as $99.99
This smart travel bag is designed for comfort and convenience, so you can take your pet along easily when traveling by airplane, train, or automobile. Ultimate Bag on Wheels features a lightweight, soft nylon frame with reinforced bottom. Its four wheels (front wheels swivel for easy turns) and an adjustable pull strap allow effortless rolling through busy airports. The pull ...
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The Bag

As low as $5.99
Welded mesh filter bag for holding bulk aquarium filter media Filter bag resists degradation for long-lasting aquarium use Great for use with aquarium media that regenerate in bleach The best, and maybe the last, aquarium filter media bag you'll ever buy. The 180 micron bag features a resealable locking closure and durable, non-stitched, welded seams for easy, long-lasting use. Simply ...
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