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Mechanical Polyester Filter Media
6 results

EasyPro BIO-BLOX Filter Media with Mesh Bag

As low as $36.84
Bulk polyester sponge media for biological pond filtration Low-cost pond biomedia perfect for large volume applications Huge surface area for bacteria that break down pond pollutants Budget-friendly bulk biomedia boosts biological breakdown of pond pollutants. EasyPro BIO-BLOX Filter Media boasts nearly 500 square feet of surface area per cubic feet of media. More surface area means more ...
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Magnavore 100-micron Filter Bags

As low as $22.99
4" dia 100-micron filter bags for sump-style wet/dry aquarium filters Polyester felt filter bags provide fine mechanical & biological filtration 4-piece set comes with two 5" and two 12" long wet/dry filter bags 100-micron wet/dry filter bags deliver superior water polishing mechanical filtration and full scale biological filtration. Magnavore 100-micron Filter Bags boast polyester felt ...
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Blue Bonded Filter Pads

As low as $4.99
Quality mechanical filter media for crystal clear aquarium water Mechanically trap unsightly debris from aquarium water column Easy way to improve mechanical filtration in nearly any filter Uncut Blue Bonded Filter Pad Uncut pads measure 312 sq. in. Measures 12" x 26", 3/4" thick. Polyester Filter Pad Fits all AquaMaster and Skilter models. Can be used in the BioMatrix cartridge. ...
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Coralife Pure-Flo Micron Filter Pads

As low as $7.99
Ultra-fine aquarium filter pads for effective mechanical filtration Removes debris and particulates for crystal-clear aquarium water Machine washable micron filter pads boast long lasting aquarium use Water sparkles clean and crystal-clear with Pure-Flo Filter Pads. These sanitized, polyester pads are interwoven with nylon fibers, making them durable, reusable, and highly effective. Coralife ...
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Fluval Water Polishing Pads

As low as $3.39
Mechanical filtration pads trap micro particles and debrisThick-cut, fine filter pads for crystal clear aquarium waterPerfect for fresh or saltwater aquarium Fluval canister filters These 30-60 micron mechanical filtration pads are designed specifically for the Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filters. Extra-thick, micro-fine polyester pads trap micro particles and debris for clean aquarium water. ...
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Pondmaster Replacement Media

As low as $17.99
Carbon Replacement Filter Pads for Pondmaster 1000. Measures approximately 12" x 12" and approximately 1/2" thick. Coarse fiber pad packed with carbon for outstanding chemical filtration. Should be placed under poly filter pad. Polyester Replacement Filter Pads for Pondmaster 1000 (2 pads needed for Pondmaster 2000). Measures approximately 12" x 12" and approximately 1" thick. Place above ...
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