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Mechanical Flow Rate Pond Filters
6 results

Fish Mate Gravity UV & Bio Pond External Filters

As low as $229.99
Combination flow-through pond filter with built-in UV clarifier Fine and coarse filter foams for enhanced mechanical pond filtration Easy maintenance design ensures years of reliable filter performance Attractively priced, flow-through UV pond filters designed for optimum water quality. High performance combination filters feature Fish Mate SUPRA biological filter media to promote rapid ...
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Ocean Clear In-Line Filters

As low as $49.99
Ocean Clear Canister Filters bring your large freshwater or saltwater aquarium a wide range of filtration options - mechanical, chemical, and/or biological. They're also perfect for small ponds! Advanced design and professional-grade components make cleaning and maintenance quick, easy, and convenient. All models include both 3/4" and 1" hose adapters. Both filters require a water pump with ...
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Little Giant Pressurized Filter

As low as $139.99
Compact pressurized filter for ponds and water gardens Biological and mechanical filtration keeps pond water clean Turn "grip-n-twist" handle for easy cleaning of pond filter sponge Ease of filter upkeep means peak pond conditions. The Little Giant Pressurized Bio Filter with "grip-n-twist" handle lets you clean your pond filter sponge without having to remove the filter lid. This time-saving ...
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Aquascape® MicroFalls Filter

As low as $223.98
Waterfall filter for ponds and water gardens up to 1,000 gallons Create a beautiful waterfall that provides 2 stage pond filtration Full liner-attachable waterfall lip creates a reliable watertight seal Professional waterfall filter designed to meet the needs of do-it-yourself pond enthusiasts. Aquascape Inc MicroFalls Filter boasts professional quality that works with Mother Nature for "low ...
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PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter

As low as $239.99
Waterfall filter for improved pond water quality and clarityProvide efficient biological filtration and pond water aerationDramatic waterfall display supports a healthy pond environment Tackle large do-it-yourself pond waterfall projects with ease. The PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter is priced right so you enjoy professional results without paying too much. Create a soothing ...
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Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter

As low as $18.69
Italian innovation upgrades pressure filter design with multistage filtration AND greater ease-of-use. Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter keeps pond water clean and healthy with little effort on your part. This easy-to conceal system can be partially buried for discreet, low-profile installation that preserves the beauty of your pond or water garden. Once installed, multiple stages of ...
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