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Marineland Freshwater Fish Lighting
6 results

Marineland LED Strip Light

As low as $74.99
Brilliant energy-efficient LED light fixture for freshwater aquariums Provides brighter output than a single fluorescent aquarium lamp Newly designed for 20% brighter output and long-term performance Enjoy brighter light output and greater savings than conventional single lamp fluorescent light fixtures. Marineland LED Strip Light delivers 20% brighter light output, uses less energy to ...
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Fluorescent Strip Lights

As low as $24.99
Budget-friendly standard fluorescent light fixtures for aquariums Great general purpose lighting for freshwater or marine aquariums Choose single or double bright strip light to suit your aquarium needs Universal design fits all brands of aquariums and is excellent for either saltwater or freshwater applications. Affordable fluorescent light fixtures are vented for heat dissipation and made ...
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Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Lighting System w/Timer

As low as $239.99
Complete LED light fixture with light output for planted aquariums Blend of 6,500°K White & RGB LEDs make aquarium plants thrive 3W RGB LEDs with dispersion lenses maximize light penetration The wait is finally over for freshwater planted aquarists. Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Lighting System w/Timer is the LED lighting solution offering energy-saving benefits and the correct light energy ...
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Marineland LED Aquarium Light

As low as $34.99
Versatile Marineland LED Aquarium light for all aquariums up to 30 inches long Enjoy energy savings and amazing shimmer aquarium light effects Place LED light bar over glass aquarium cover for spectacular shimmering light Easily upgrade all aquariums up to 30" with energy-efficient LEDs for versatile day and night lighting. The Marineland LED Aquarium Light features long-lasting white and ...
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Marineland Hidden and Accent LED Lighting Systems

As low as $46.99
Explore one-of-a-kind lighting setups with brilliant, fully-submersible LEDs. Marineland Hidden and Accent LED Lighting Systems are complete LED lighting systems that mount INSIDE your aquarium. Exclusive in-frame mount attaches on the inside of your frame so you see the light but not the fixture. Integrated cord routing offers discreet management of single power cord while directional ...
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Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light

As low as $69.99
LED strip light emits light brighter than 2 fluorescent aquarium lamps Ideal for freshwater or saltwater aquariums & low intensity plants Built-in digital timer automates 24-hour aquarium lighting sequence Smart alternative to conventional 2-lamp fluorescent light fixtures delivers brighter light output with greater savings. Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light delivers 20% brighter light ...
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