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Magnetic Impeller Pump
6 results

JBJ OceanStream™ Aquarium Circulation Pump

As low as $34.59
Innovative aquarium circulation pump with PaddleDisc impeller Provide wider currents of random flow aquarium water movement Gentle beneficial water movement corals love Enjoy powerful water movement that won't blast corals and other delicate aquarium inhabitants in its path. OceanStream Aquarium Circulation Pump employs a unique impeller to create a gentle beneficial current. OceanStream's ...
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HY-Drive Waterfall Pumps

As low as $189.99
Our most energy-efficient high-capacity pond pump Designed specifically for large pond installations, including waterfalls and pond filtration Hybrid technology combines direct-drive power with magnetic-drive efficency and safety New hybrid technology combines the power of direct drive pumps and the energy efficiency and safety of magnetic drive pumps. These versatile pumps can be used ...
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Aquascape® AquaSurge® Skimmer & Pondless Waterfall Pump

As low as $319.98
Powerful submersible pump smartly designed for versatile skimmer filter or filter vault placement. Aquascape AquaSurge Skimmer & Pondless Waterfall Pump boasts convenient features designed to deliver continuous high-power performance while occupying minimal space. Compact submersible pump installs horizontally or vertically and includes a Rotational Ball Output that allows easy adjustment of ...
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Pondmaster ProLine Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump

As low as $259.99
Submersible skimmer pump with powerful Hy-Drive technologyUpright design allows convenient placement in pond skimmerMagnetic/Direct Drive hybrid pond pump delivers reliable performance Innovative pump design ensures powerful performance even in tight spaces. Pondmaster ProLine Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump employs hybrid technology that combines the power of direct drive pumps and the energy ...
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Mag Drive Pumps with Fractionating Impeller

As low as $144.49
Budget-friendly magnetic drive pump for fresh or saltwater aquariumsAquarium pump features venturi intake and air-fractionating impellerVersatile use including replacement pump or driving protein skimmers Budget-friendly magnetic drive pumps loaded with enhanced features. These versatile aquarium pumps designed with a special air-fractionating impeller are useful for a wide variety of custom ...
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Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump

As low as $36.54
Uncompromising Italian-made circulation pump boasts extreme energy efficiency and compact size without sacrificing quality or power. Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump operates on just 3W of electricity while delivering an impressive 530-gph flow rate! Roughly, the size of an egg, the Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump makes a great, space-saving addition to nano-reef ...
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