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Light Output Reptile Bulbs

4 results

Exo Terra Reptile UVB200 High Output UVB Bulb

As low as $18.99
Screw-in compact fluorescent bulb for reptiles with high UV need Provides desert reptiles with UVB light vital for Vitamin D3 synthesis Enhanced UVB penetration ideally suited for taller reptile terrariums Satisfy high UVB requirements of desert-dwelling reptile species. Exo Terra Reptile UVB200 High Output UVB Bulb optimizes UVB availability, boasting greater penetration distance and higher ...
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Zilla Tropical 25 UVB Fluorescent Bulbs

As low as $16.99
Provide the heightened levels of UVB radiation native to a tropical habitatColor corrected visible light brightens appearance of your reptile's colorsHigh efficiency bulbs for most types of fluorescent fixtures Tropical T8 fluorescent bulbs deliver the heightened UVB radiation tropical reptiles need for proper calcium development and healthy bones. Offers a full dosage of UVB (25 microwatts ...
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Zilla Halogen Mini Dome Fixture & Bulbs

As low as $12.99
Compact halogen light fixture for metal screen top reptile terrariums Energy-saving halogen bulb provides reptiles focused light and heat Customize your reptile light fixture with your choice of Night Red, Day Blue, or Day White Mini Halogen Bulb Provide reptiles healthy light and essential warmth even when terrarium space is limited. Zilla Halogen Mini Dome Fixture & Bulbs offer the ...
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Exo Terra Natural Light Ion Deodorizing Bulb

As low as $14.99
Compact fluorescent reptile bulb with built-in negative ion generator Emits negative ions to reduce odors and purify air in reptile terrariums Provide general lighting while creating a healthy herptile environment Improve reptile habitats with visually appealing light AND air purifying negative ions. Exo Terra Natural Light Ion Deodorizing Bulb employs innovative new technology to create a ...
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