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Leather Durable Toys
9 results

Dura Fuse Leather Toys

As low as $4.99
The strength and trusted performance of real leather in fetching and/or tugging toys designed to withstand aggressive play! Dura Fuse Leather Toys feature 2 extremely durable layers fused together - real leather and jute fabric - to ensure TOUGH construction and play that lasts, even for large dogs and determined chewers. Seams double stitched with heavy-duty thread further enhance ...
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Dental Kotton Rope Toys

As low as $1.79
A great price on durable cotton rope toys ideal for fetching and tugging. Durable, braided cotton rope toys feature solid knots and soft fringy ends to satisfy your dog's desire to chew while also helping to clean debris and plaque from teeth. Kotton Rope Toys also provide ideal interactive play between you and your pet; smaller sizes are great for ...
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Go-Nuts Toys

As low as $11.99
Refillable foraging toy made of durable vegetable leather and cotton Place delicious treats like peanuts or almonds inside Entice your bird into challenging activity that rewards and prevents boredom The perfect cage companion for birds that like to forage treats and untie knots. This toy's thick leather patches are laced together with leather and cotton strips. Your bird will use ...
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Prevue Bodacious Bites Ravenous Bird Toy

As low as $29.99
Prevue Bodacious Bites Ravenous Bird Toy is a colorful activity center that supports healthy behavior. Thick blocks of safely dyed wood pieces, along with sisal and cotton rope, braided leather, shoelaces, and plastic beads offer an acceptable outlet for chewing and preening behavior. Versatile hanging bird toy enriches any cage environment with rewarding mental and physical activity. Durable ...
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Spiddy Wood & Leather Toy for Birds

As low as $15.99
Hanging bird toy full of colorful wooden beads & leather strips Entertain pet birds with long-lasting chewing and play activity Offers cage birds an safe alternative to feather picking behavior Curb destructive chewing and feather picking behavior in pet birds. Spiddy Wood & Leather Toy is a great choice for birds, large or small, that enjoy a good chew. For ...
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Caitec Tug N Slide Tower Bird Foraging Toy

As low as $25.99
Birds will flex both brain and muscles to solve this perplexing puzzle. Tug N Slide Tower Bird Foraging Toy offers a workout sure to challenge mental and physical fitness. In order to retrieve the treat you provide, your bird must first slide the lever to the left to drop the treat to the second level. Then a slide to the ...
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Deluxe Build Your Own Toy Kit

As low as $21.99
Make customized, one-of-a-kind toys for your pet birdKit includes a variety of bird favorite piecesHelps alleviate cage boredom and condition your bird's beak Create unique, one-of-a-kind bird toys with this all-inclusive bird toy kit. After all, you know what your bird likes best! Kits include wood blocks, plastic beads, wicker, metal bells, or paper sticks. Medium and Large Kits also ...
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As low as $17.99
Fascinate your bird with the movement of this BIG block toy as the wood blocks slide when he tries to get at them. Wood blocks fit this way and that and your bird entertains himself by moving blocks or preening/chewing at the thick cotton rope. An intriguing leather lace hangs from the bottom to entice your hookbill into further investigation. ...
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Super Firecracker

As low as $16.99
Provide bigger birds with durable, chewable, explosive fun! Stuffed with plenty of paper shreds to pull out & preen Made of all-natural seagrass, palm fiber, paper donuts & more! What's more exciting than fireworks? Give your large bird a big bang when you reward him with boredom-busting Firecracker chew toys from Super Bird Creations. Cylindrical bird toy perches made from ...
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