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7 results

Advanced Formula Flea & Tick Shampoo

As low as $33.99
Fight the problem of fleas and ticks on your ferrets with this highly effective shampoo developed by our veterinarians. Pyrethrin, a natural insecticide derived from flowers, kills fleas and ticks and leaves behind no insecticide residue. Rich-lathering shampoo formula cleans and conditions coat. Helps kill ticks, which can cause Lyme and other diseases. For ferrets, dogs, cats, horses, ...
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Pet Head® Dirty Talk Shampoo & Furtastic Crème Rinse

As low as $9.99
Long lasting deodorizing shampoo neutralizes odors Crème rinse deep conditions with emollients and moisturizing agents Made with flower extracts and herbs in the USA Eliminate doggy odor and condition your dog's coat with natural flower extracts and herbs. Shampoo and crème rinse are both pH-adjusted for canine skin and free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, propylene glycol, sulfate and ...
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PearLyt® Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

As low as $44.99
Bring out the luster and sheen of your pet's coat while moisturizing and soothing the skin. PearLyt Shampoo contains conditioners and brightening agents to boost coat gloss and shine. It also contains colloidal oatmeal to hydrate skin and soothe mild itch and irritation. Use as often as necessary for routine cleansing. For dogs and cats. Directions: Wet coat thoroughly. Apply ...
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Hexadene® Shampoo (Brand)

As low as $15.49
What is Hexadene® Shampoo? Hexadene is an antimicrobial shampoo designed for use with dermatological conditions responsive to chlorhexidine. Who is it for? For use on dogs, cats, and horses. What are the benefits? Help reduce irritating infection and inflammation Anti-adhesive glycotechnology helps reduce bacterial and yeast irritation Slow-release formula ensures continued treatment after ...
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Cortisoothe® Shampoo (Brand)

As low as $31.99
What is Cortisoothe® Shampoo? Cortisoothe is a medicated shampoo. It contains hydrocortisone to provide temporary relief of inflammation and pruritus associated with corticosteroid-responsive skin diseases like pruritic erythematous dermatoses (atopy, flea-bite dermatosis). Who is it for? Dogs, cats and horses of any age. What are the benefits? Help reduce inflammation and soothe itching on ...
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Bio-Groom Super White Coat Brightener Shampoo

As low as $5.79
Reveal the pearly white sheen in your pet's white or light coat with this brightening shampoo. Super White is a mild, high-quality formula specifically developed for white and light-colored coats. It contains special whiteners and pearlescent brighteners that add brilliance and sparkle. It leaves the coat clean, smooth, and easy to manage. Mild coconut oil based formula is protein-enriched to ...
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Dermazole® Shampoo (Brand)

As low as $30.99
What is Dermazole® Shampoo? Miconazole and salicylic acid are antiseptics combined in a shampoo for temporary relief of scaling due to dandruff (seborrhea). Who is it for? For use on dogs, cats and horses. What are the benefits? Temporarily relieve dandruff in dogs, cats, & horses Gentle, antiseptic formula Simply massage in during bath time and leave on 5-10 mins ...
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