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Kong Puppy Toy
6 results

KONG Puppy Teething Stick

As low as $4.99
Puppies are known for their persistent chewing, so why not give them a chew stick that's made exclusively for their young mouths? KONG Puppy Teething Stick is made with KONG's special teething rubber and features Denta-Ridges to gently clean teeth and massage sore gums as your puppy chews. Place a little peanut butter or KONG Stuff 'N Easy Treat inside ...
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KONG Puppy Flyer

As low as $6.99
Flying disc made with KONG's special teething rubber Flexible, durable disc flies accurately yet catches softly on teeth and gums Sized perfectly for puppies and a great way to exercise your pup Games of fetch, playtime in the park, and retriever training sessions are more fun with a KONG Puppy Flyer. This soft, flexible flying disc is made from KONG's ...
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KONG Puppy Activity Ball

As low as $8.99
Treat-dispensing ball keeps pups entertained and builds problem-solving skills Durable, stuffable toy promotes healthy chewing in the early months Perfect toy for pups with energy to burn Use the KONG Puppy Activity Ball to help develop healthy chewing habits in those early months, so your pup shies away from chewing on inappropriate surfaces like your furniture. This treat-dispensing ball is ...
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KONG Puppy Wubba

As low as $4.49
Puppy Wubba has the same quality construction as the original Wubba, but is perfectly sized for puppies. This interactive, toss-and-tug toy features virtually indestructible nylon outer fabric covering two balls: a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball on bottom. You can grab it by the tails, wind it up, and give it a long throw. Your puppy will ...
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KONG Puppy Toy

As low as $10.79
KONG's exclusive teething rubber makes this toy just right for the developing mouths of puppies. KONG Puppy is an excellent chew toy for puppies with erupting teeth and sore gums. It also helps establish proper chewing behavior in young pups by providing a safe substitution for inappropriate chewing sources like furniture. A hollow center makes it easy to stuff these ...
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KONG Binkie for Puppies

As low as $7.99
KONG Binkie promotes proper chew and play habits in puppies Made with KONG's exclusive teething rubber formula ideal for puppies Helps soothe sore gums and can be filled with treats Binkie provides oral amusement to distract puppies from the pain of teething. Made with KONG's exclusive teething rubber formula, this toy also promotes positive chewing and playtime habits in puppies. ...
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