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Kitty Teaser Toy
5 results

Kong Swizzle Bird Teaser

As low as $6.99
Daily play sessions with kitty are more entertaining with this exciting wand toy. Simply dangle the plush fur and feather teaser in front of your cat and get ready to laugh out loud. This interactive cat toy's unpredictable movement brings out your cat's hunting instincts, and the ensuing acrobatics are hilarious. You may even catch her doing a back flip ...
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Petstages Feather Teasers

As low as $4.99
Feather wands for cats offer movement and prey-like attraction Holds your cat's interest for beneficial exercise and stimulating play A great way to play interactively with your cat Encourage enticing, interactive fun for you and kitty. Irresistible feathers and pompons give these toys the prey-like motion and attraction sure to lure cats off the sofa for beneficial play and exercise. ...
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Kong Snake Teaser Cat Toy

As low as $5.99
Irresistible rattle, natural feathers, and premium catnip aroma bring your cat to her feet chasing this toy. The Kong Snake Teaser triggers kitty's natural predatory instincts, getting her off the sofa and into active exercise. The interactive play is entertaining for both of you and strengthens your bond while curbing your cat's boredom. Polyester plush cat toy measures approximately 57" ...
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FroliCat™ Pounce™ Toy for Cats

As low as $27.99
Set this rotating hide-and-seek cat teaser toy in any spot to start a frenzy of kitty pouncing, chasing, and swatting. The FroliCat Pounce stimulates your cat's natural hunting instinct, as she tries to catch Marshal Maus on his circular path. Just when your cat thinks she's caught her mouse, Marshal moves unpredictably - zooming forward, racing backwards, hiding under an ...
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Star Chaser Cat Toy

As low as $6.99
Illuminated cat toy thrills with lights, catnip, and the interactive play your cat craves. Your cat's pawing action sets the lighted ball in motion around the track. Corrugated center delivers long-lasting scratching fun, especially when sprinkled with included catnip. Plastic unit includes one corrugated pack. Assorted colors. 14-1/2" diameter. For even more fun, attach a Turbo Treat Ball , ...
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