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Kitty Rattle Toy
6 results

Wacky Web™

As low as $22.99
Your cat won't mind getting caught up in this "web." With its irresistible "tail" movement and a rolling rattle ball, the Wacky Web keeps kitty swatting, chasing, and pouncing her days away. The Wacky Web's spinning rubber "tail" nudges the spider ball around the inside track, challenging your cat and igniting her natural hunting instinct. Easily program the Wacky Web ...
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Assorted Burlap Toys for Cats

As low as $3.99
Mouse or ball-shaped toys contain catnip for aromatic appeal Burlap exterior provides a good mouth feel for cats Promotes your cat's natural instinct for play and exercise Burlap-covered cat toys lure your cat into play with aromatic catnip. Once kitty smells them, she'll leap into action, getting the play and exercise she needs for health and happiness. Burlap offers unique ...
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KONG® Mega Feather Ball Cat Toy

As low as $4.99
Colorful toy encourages chase, capture and wrestle fun Colorful feathers and an inner rattle entice play Designed to satisfy kitty's instinctual desire to hunt prey Attract your cat with an abundance of colorful feathers and prey-like movement. KONG Mega Feather Ball toy promotes healthy exercise while engaging your cat in one of his favorite activities - hunting. He'll bat, chase ...
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Kong Cat Quest Treat Ball

As low as $2.99
Give your indoor cat a mental and physical challenge and reward her at the same time. Your kitty will bat, rattle, and roll this oval ball for the enticing noise and surprise of treats that roll out at random. Egg-shaped durable plastic toy twists open easily. Simply fill tube inside toy with small treats, twist close and give to your ...
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Bumpin' and Groovin' Cat Toy

As low as $2.69
Watch your kitty chase, paw, and hunt these adorable, colorful mice for fantastic exercise and hours of playful fun. Rattle inside triggers the instinct you love to see and keeps your cat going after these pudgy mouse shapes to pounce and chase. Stuffed mice feature fabrics with nubs, corduroy, or other textures that cats love. Colorful, fun toys stimulate the ...
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Kong Snake Teaser Cat Toy

As low as $5.99
Irresistible rattle, natural feathers, and premium catnip aroma bring your cat to her feet chasing this toy. The Kong Snake Teaser triggers kitty's natural predatory instincts, getting her off the sofa and into active exercise. The interactive play is entertaining for both of you and strengthens your bond while curbing your cat's boredom. Polyester plush cat toy measures approximately 57" ...
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