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K&H Foam Bed
8 results

Thermo Kitty Bed

As low as $34.99
Delight kitty with a playful cat bed Bed offers heated comfort all winter long Features super soft microfleece lining and machine-washable care Ocean-themed Thermo Kitty Bed warms your cat with a 4-watt thermostat-controlled heating unit sandwiched inside the poly-filled sleep area. Bed surface stays 10-15 degrees above ambient room temperature, up to 102°F when your cat occupies the bed. ...
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Heated Cat Cup Bed

As low as $54.99
Heated cat bed with 5" walls surrounds cat in heated comfort Thermostat regulated to stay at a constant 102°F Cat cup delivers a warm spot for kitty any time of day Envelop your kitty in a bed of heated comfort. Cushy 1" thick foam pad sandwiches a pet-safe heater that warms to a constant 102°F when your cat climbs in. ...
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Self-Warming Comfy Sleeper

As low as $39.99
Self-warming material in this bed radiates heat back to your pet High foam walls offer security and cushioning Poly-filled center pillow offers padded comfort under your cat Satisfy kitty with an ultra-cozy mix of softness, security, and self-warming comfort. Self-Warming Comfy Sleeper features a microsuede-style cover with an inner material that reflects your cat's body heat back to her and ...
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Lazy Lounger Cat Bed

As low as $24.99
This sumptuously soft, miniature-couch-style bed surrounds kitty in plush fleece perfect for napping and relaxing! Plus, a 2"-thick orthopedic foam base gives your cat comforting support - especially appealing to senior cats, but ideal for cats of all ages. Your cat will snooze against the polyfilled bolsters, and stretch out on the micro-fleece sleeping area. The Lazy Lounger Cat Bed ...
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Feather Top Orthopedic Bed for Dogs

As low as $139.99
Quilted cover has a sewn-in layer of duck feathers for cushiony comfort Orthopedic foam base offers excellent support for tired or sore joints Soft fleece-topped cover is machine washable for easy care Let your dog float off to dreamland atop his very own feather bed. This double-layered dog bed is the ultimate combination of cozy comfort and firm support. Bed ...
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Thermo Snuggly Sleeper

As low as $89.99
Removable heater and thick foam sides cradle pets in heated comfort Safe, efficient, low-wattage heated bed operates on pennies per month Great bed for older dogs with arthritis or other joint conditions Makes any drafty, cold place in your home more comfortable for your pet Thermo Snuggly Sleeper offers around-the-clock warmth and comfort for your pet. 2" foam sides cradle ...
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Deluxe Thermo Hooded Cat Bed

As low as $49.99
Thermostat controlled heating unit in this hooded bed warms kitty Operates for only pennies per month even when operated continuously Padded hood offers privacy and seclusion and can be removed as needed Bring kitty heated comfort and secluded privacy for just pennies per month with this heated, hooded cat bed. Its padded hood helps contain warmth, offers seclusion, and can ...
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Self-Warming Round Comfy Sleeper

As low as $59.99
Dog bed has two-layers of self-warming fabric to keep pet extra toasty Nesting bed has high foam walls to give pet a feeling of security Cup-style pet bed has durable, microfiber outside, while inner walls and soft polyfil pillow feature velvety plush Does your dog need a place to cuddle up on chilly days or nights and dream her own ...
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