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Interactive Play Pet Toy
5 results

Dogring™ and Dogstik™ Toys by Pet Projekt

As low as $8.99
Tossing and fetching fun is safer than ever with these soft-grip 100% natural rubber toys. Pet Projekt dog toys are made from safe, nontoxic rubber in shapes that are easy for dogs to carry and easy for you to throw. Each promotes healthy, interactive play between you and your pet. Dogring is a super-flexible disc-shaped flyer with open center. Dogstik ...
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Dental Kotton Rope Toys

As low as $5.19
Tough cotton rope toys help floss teeth as dogs chew Braided rope offers great mix of textures to provide a safe chewing outlet Smaller sizes great for fetch, larger sizes for tugging fun A great price on durable cotton rope toys ideal for fetching and tugging. Durable, braided cotton rope toys feature solid knots and soft fringy ends to satisfy ...
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Nerf™ Retriever Football Flyer

As low as $9.49
Fetching fun with your pet just got a little more exciting. The Nerf Dog Retriever Flyer offers the football shape you love to throw, with the addition of durable tails for flutter-like, float-through-the-air action. The tails also encourage tugging action. Durable nylon fabric features a tear-resistant coating and the stitching is 3X stronger than that of standard stuffed toys. Toy ...
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Hyper Dog Tennis Ball Launchers

As low as $7.99
These tennis-ball dog toys launch farther and faster than hand throwing! Specially-designed scoops deliver hands-free ball pickup Give your dog exercise and strengthen your bond through interactive play Take fetch to a new level - throw further and faster with a Hyper Dog Tennis Ball Launcher. These launchers are a great way to maintain your dog's fitness and strengthen the ...
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Dog Treat Maze

As low as $16.99
A fun, challenging way to reward your pet with kibble food or dog treats Also use with dogs that gulp kibble to help slow down feeding Dishwasher-safe maze is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes Does your pet gulp his pet food? Is he overweight? If so, try serving his kibble in the Dog Treat Maze. This clever ...
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