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Interactive Foraging Toys
6 results

Tretkon™ and Bumpi™ Dog Toys

As low as $12.99
Encourage healthy foraging behavior with a 100% rubber treat toy. Simply place small treats or kibble in these toys, give them a roll on the floor and watch your dog work to retrieve a reward. Safe, nontoxic toys ideal for pets of all ages. Please specify Blue or Green. Tretkon (pronounced Treat Cone) offers a small round opening at the ...
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Kong Quest Toys for Dogs

As low as $7.99
Unique dog toys feature flexible material suitable for light to moderate chewers Shapes and surface textures help keep your dog's teeth clean Insert treats or kibble to create delicious playtime fun Every dog needs toys that reward inquisitive, foraging play. Kong Quest Toys feature openings that let you add kibble or small treats so your dog gets a delicious reward ...
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Dog Games Puzzle Toys

As low as $14.99
Draw your dog's curiosity away from furniture, closets, and houseplants by focusing his playful energy on these challenging toys. Dog Games Puzzle Toys encourage problem solving and utilize your dog's natural foraging instincts. For dogs that gulp food, these toys are also an ideal way to help slow down kibble consumption. Each of these nontoxic toys has anti-slip pads, is ...
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Space Circles Foraging Toy

As low as $9.99
Interactive bird toy challenges your pet bird to solve the puzzle for food rewards. Satisfies your bird's daily necessity to forage. Simply place a treat inside, and watch your bird's natural instinct take over for hours of foraging fun. Treats not included. Perfect for multiple skill levels, you can easily vary the level of difficulty. Nickel-plated chain and quick link ...
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Ringbal, Tennisbal, Dogbal & Bonbal by petprojekt™

As low as $10.99
Natural rubber dog toys offer safe, nontoxic interactive play Each of these balls features a unique design for tossing, fetching fun Free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium and lead Ball toys have never been more fun, thanks to unique designs that boost interactive play. These natural rubber toys by petprojekt are safe and nontoxic. Some of the designs allow you to ...
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Kong Satellite Dog Toy

As low as $8.99
Slow down your dog's eating of kibble or small rewards by using a treat dispenser like Kong Satellite. This unique treat-dispensing dog toy features a unique shape that your dog must tumble and spin in order to randomly release the treats you've placed inside. Simply place your dog's dry kibble or small rewards (not included) into the holes in this ...
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